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Life is a lie without an F in it

They make us laugh, they make us cry. They know our worst (and still remain with us anyway), they celebrate our best.. They're the reason birthdays and special days are memorable, they're the silver lining of the clouds in our life. They show the reality we don't want to see, they make us down the medicine we've been planning to dispose, their words bring us back on the track we were meant to be. They're the ones who take our back when we're not around, the ones who dare to laugh when we fall, and then come over to pick us up.. They laugh at our jokes even before we can complete them, because they already know what we're going to say! They know when we're about to break down, when we might walk out of a room, when we might bring the roof down, and they are also the people who know that we will stay even when asked to get out. They're those who love listening to our stories - be it in front of a stove while cooking, or just before hitting the bed, or at a weekend getaway on a beach.

They're the people who know all the wrong decisions we have taken in our lives, all the juvenile things we've done; and they're those rare people who forgive us before we can forgive ourselves; and sometimes they are reason we live to watch the sunrise of the next day. They're the people who dare to make fun of us when tears roll down, but they're the same people who know what exactly to say to stop those tears and bring a smile on our face..
life is a lie without an f in it,happiness
They're the people whom you can call at 2:00 a.m without even a second thought, they're the people who will drive you to the airport when you are leaving, they are the people whom you spend weekends with - The Dominos cheesebursts, lunches at dhabas and fine dining restaurants, the dinners, the chaat - and the walks while eating chaat :P, the shopping..

They're the people who listen to our endless bickering about how our lives are going nowhere, they're the people who give sagely advice about pursuing our passion in life.. They are also the people with whom we decide what we are going to be when we are 50 years old, whether we will have kids (and grandkids- if we get married, that is), and also about what we should eat to survive 50 more years on earth with good health. They know of all the parties we dream of hosting, and they're the people we plan events with which will only happen 10 years later.

They know of all our grand plans in life, and all those kickass ideas we have which will change our lives forever (when executed). They are also the people who stand up for what they believe in, who don't hesitate to spend an extra hour or walk an extra mile.. They're the people who will make you laugh your way back to health when you're hospitalized, they're the people who convince you to eat what the doctor has advised to.

They're the people you blow up your money with, they're the people who you plan your ball dance parties with.. They're the people you want to invite for lunch and serve food cooked by you, they're the only people you will reveal your weaknesses to and know they won't use it against you. They're the reason Vegas trips are fun, they're the only people who know that cockroaches scare you silly! They match you in madness, and match you in soberness. And just when you think you've known everything there is to know about them, they can surprise you in the next minute!
They're the people who'll drive down from far when you're feeling down just to hear you out, and never make it count. They're the people who know that you are there for them if and when they need you, and that you are also there when they absolutely don't need you :D They're the people you would annoy the hell out just to see how far they can handle it, they're the same people you will defend when any third person says one small negative thing about them.

They're the people who will completely ignore all the rude things we've said to them when we don't like what they say (their so called 'advice'), they're the people who wait till our temper calms down and we begin to see sense. And if you are lucky, you would've met that rare friend in your life, to whom you need not even apologize for shouting- they understand you like your own mother does- and they're just smiling after half an hour like as if nothing happened, and then you know that God has made you meet one very rare person in your life, and that you should treasure that friendship forever..

They're the family God chose not to give us, so that we'd put some effort in finding them.

Thank you does not describe the A of the A-Z I feel about the friends I have made in life!

Life is after all, just a lie without a friend to give meaning to the F in it.

Do drop in your comments about these wonderful people whom you call friends in your lives, without whom your lives would have never been the same!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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