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That's impact

The reason you have had a turn to be on earth is for you to have the opportunity to make your mark. I am convinced we have showed up here on earth to transform lives, solve problems and have the story of your lives become bestselling ones. The impact stories that fill our news daily should not only inform us but as well inspire us to be the change agents for positive impact everywhere we are.

David in the Bible was not a perfect man; he even killed and committed adultery, but Psalm 23 is recited everywhere in our schools in Ghana. That's Impact! In Acts chapter 2, the believers met and prayed in the Upper Room and the Holy Spirit came to earth. He's never left since. That's Impact! Paul joined the Apostles late but wrote 13 books in the New Testament of the Bible. That's Impact!

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004 when he was just 20 years old. Today, many great people including you, billionaires and most world leaders have Facebook accounts. Don't tell me that that's not Impact! Sujit Lalwani, a young Indian founded Inspiration Unlimited with his team, a group that has initiated and still initiates many wonderful and life transforming projects that serve not only India but the entire world. Sujit has represented India in Switzerland, UK, Russia, Pittsburgh, Nepal and we are still counting.
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That's Impact! Karuna Rana, oh, she inspires me a lot! Rana is a young lady from Mauritius, who serves the world with her gift and passion for sustainability, youth leadership and environmental education. She advocates this cause strongly and believes her works of impact will help change the world. That's Impact! Michael Teoh Su Lim, a young Malaysian youth inspires the world with his passion for youth development and entrepreneurship. Michael was a global winner of the highly competitive World's largest social entrepreneurship competition 'YOUR BIG YEAR', 2011 in the UK and travelled around the world transforming lives. That's Impact!

The list of impact makers is endless! In the older generation, we can talk of Sir Richard Branson impacting the world with Virgin Group, Bill Gates transforming the computer and technology world, Aliko Dangote impacting Africa with his passion for entrepreneurship, Aamir Khan impacting the Indian and world movie industry with his great and influential artistry. I urge you to be the next on the World Impact List! Put your talent to good use.

Leverage the power of social media and technology to your advantage. Don't let one Google your name and find "0 results", "Page Error" or "Page not Found". If you are going to make impact globally, you have to start now! Today!

Arnold Schwarzenegger said rightly, "You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pocket". Give yourself to the service of society. At least help change something positively in your world.
As you think genuinely about yourself, think genuinely about others. Decide to impact your home, family, friends, school and workplace. If you don't have any plan now, think of one. Start the change you want to see. Be the initiator or be willing to assist others who have initiated positive initiatives. Do something worthwhile this year. Don't just live for survival but start the revival you long to see.

As you begin, continue or wrap-up with your quest for Impact, be determined to overCOME, overTURN and overTAKE any challenge that advances in your direction. I am convinced that our generation has the potential and people who can change the world. Every individual has a tool or a weapon for positive change. This is your gift or talent. Discover that gift, develop it, and LEAD it! Let us all play our part, and that will be called Impact!

As great youth of our generation, the future is ours! Let the world look back at this year someday and say; this and that are what our generation did, and they shall call it Impact! Don't just live. Make the earth know you came, you lived and you made a difference.

Put God first and your life will never be the same.

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Prince Adu-Appiah
Prince Adu-Appiah is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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