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Having to Face Each Day

I am sure many of those who read this "thought for the day," will be able to relate in one way or another. Either they have felt this way or have felt this way for what other people go through, or maybe they have been the one who said something that made another person feel bad and took away their joy.

We tend to go along in our lives, at a pace that we know we can keep up. We get ourselves out of bed, even though we don't want to get up. We try to persuade ourselves that we will be okay and we bravely begin to face our day. Than we read a comment in an email, a comment on Facebook, or even something we have read in the news and before we know it we find ourselves at a stand-still, and we can barely move.

Depression is an enemy that robs us of the ability to know that we can get through whatever life sends our way. Whether it is in our own personal trials, pains we feel for others, or the impact of the words someone said, these are all that is needed to feel the depression "blues." having to face each day,challenges However, there are those in the world, and you know who you are, who seem to know just the right words to say, that helps you try to continue to face what you have on your plate and face each new day... and still find ways to reach out to help others.

I know there have been times in my life that the barriers I have to jump over were pretty high, but not trying is like giving up and letting the person you are inside die. I have chosen to look for ways to get through my days, and be forgiving to myself and others along the way, and I pray that others can find the strength to do the same.

What about you? When you are in this situation, what comes to your mind and what helps you move on despite your trial? Share your thoughts with us...


You wake up feeling good and ready to face the new day,
You got lots of sleep, so you are thinking it is nice to feel this way.
But they someone comes around and being so bold,
They say something nasty or mean and it destroys your inner self and your whole world unfolds.

Why do people do this?
Don't they see we already have a full plate and depression is in our mist?
It makes me want to give up, when someone does this to me,
But I won't let them take away my control and get the best of me.

I try to go about my day, forgetting what has been said,
But even though my body moves, my heart and mind are brain dead.
Still as I try to struggle through the day,
I need a lot of help and I reach out to others and then I pray.

I pray for peace to get beyond,
And deal with all I have to deal with and from these feelings move on,
I pray that I can be forgiving, merciful, loving and kind,
And I pray that I don't lose my mind.

And even though I know the truth and that I am going to be okay,
I pray even more remember to believe this throughout the rest of my day.
People have no clue at times, what their words can do,
So I have to pray very hard that I don't let other people's words destroy me and that their words won't destroy you.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
Jeanne Claire Probst is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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