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Life:A brief Introduction

L-I-F-E... easy to spell, even easy to speak
But unfortunately... not that easy to survive
It's a game, I would say, a game of chess
It has its phases in black and white and we are one of the players it plays with,
We have to choose our role and accept our paths that come along.
None can just stay in white and leave the black
You can be defeated anytime and may not get another chance
We have to be ready to face all these phases.
We all have ups and downs in life but the winner is only the one who plays till the end
without quitting
life:A brief Introduction,inspiration
There will be times you would want to quit,
But hold on; look at it as an opportunity to grow.
Take chances, live up
Face it and live through it

Never give up, but if you ever feel like quitting,
Remember one thing "God didn't bring you this far to abandon you."
You are at this place, this time, reading this article.
There is always a reason behind it
It's HIS big plan for you.
You just got to keep your eyes open, and you would be greeted with an opportunity or just a road that you have to walk on.
Live each day with glee in your heart.
Start your day with three things: Try for success, be True to your work and Trust in God.

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Anita Tejwani
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