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As some points in our lives, we tend to worry, have worried, and are going to worry some more. We worry about everything there is on the face of this earth to worry about and if you give us time... we will find something more to add to the list. We worry about money, family members, crime, health, employment, what we are going to eat, what we are going to wear, how we are going to do our hair, where we are going on vacation and the list can just go on and on. You get the picture.

When I couldn't sleep tonight, (not because of worrying but because I never can sleep) I started going down my list of things I had to do tomorrow, which in fact is already today (middle of the night) and tried to put things I had to do in perspective to get my "mind" ready to face these tasks and the order in which I was going to do them. Ha! I had to laugh at this one. It never fails, because no matter how well we prepare or how wise we think we are... something else always gets added to the list of things to worry about today. worry,self control So tell me, why do we worry? It is not like we can do too much about it if we are faced with new challenges in our day to day lives is there? The only thing we have is the control we take over how we see these challenges, the effort we will put into problem solving and the attitude behind our efforts. Never has worrying amounted to too more than increasing health problems, loss of sleep, distraction and I am sure you could add a few more thoughts to this list. Worrying is human nature, yes, but I wish I had even just a penny for all the worrying I have done in my life...I would be very, very wealthy. But, let's not get delusional (which I can be at times due to lack of proper sleep),

I try to keep my worrying to a minimum but I seem to fail in this category. Need help! How do you control the amount of worrying you do each day? Share your thoughts with us...


Why worry about tomorrow, as it is just another day,
We have enough to deal with all the problems we need to face yet today.
We can only deal with one problem at a time,
Send the rest to the end of the "can't be done today" line.

You see worrying just burns holes in your guts,
And trying to figure out how to deal with them all at once can drive someone nuts.
Worrying also puts your physical health on the line,
And worrying does no good for your state of mind.

This has not been an easy lesson for me to learn,
There is no need to hurry to solve as many problems as we can in one day, there are no hero badges to earn.
We aren't in a road race either, so we don't have to quicken the pace,
To see how many problems in each day we can miraculously face.

Everyone knows there will be plenty of worrying to do tomorrow,
And it seems to be our lot in life, to drown in our sorrows,
No amount of worrying is going to change the world overnight,
So do what you can do today, and tell the rest to take a hike.

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