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Be a real Dreamer!

What's the difference between a day-dreamer and a real dreamer? What sets those real dreamers apart from the rest of the world who only aspire to join their league? Here is the answer...
I think a journey of a Dreamer begins when he starts dreaming. When a thought generates an action, and eventually that action becomes a desire of an aim to be accomplished, it turns to be an obsession with conviction that one day it will surely come true. For a dreamer a dream doesn't have to mean some far off and impossible task to achieve if the person has loyalty, honesty and continuation of efforts towards it. A dream is like a seed, which grows and rises with time and makes a dreamer disquiet uphill as he gets the ways to achieve it. Every person on this earth has dreams, at least one or, many. We all are dreamers here, but with a question mark. Are we the real dreamers? Obviously, answer must be in yes/no. So, who is a real dreamer then?
A dreamer is a person who dreams daily, and who visualizes it with his open eyes. His morning starts with the glory of charm with many creative forms. He has a burning desire inside his soul to achieve his dream by breaking the leg of all fluctuations and circumstances of his life. A person who dreams big has engrossed his mind and soul on the upcoming challenges to bear them. A dreamer should keep a positive attitude and work hard to get more and more opportunities from every phase of life. Sometimes, the situations might not be in one’s favour, but always remember that every challenging phase comes in life to make a person stronger and more experienced. Situations irritate you by pinching from every direction to make you stronger on your blocking path. When you know the reason behind what is the difference between having a young heart and an old, it is called dreaming. When a person is alive he keeps his heart beating with many dreams to live with, which means he has real worth in the existence of his life. A person starts dying when he stops dreaming.
If you don't have dreams then start dreaming today, and if you have a dream then start pursuing it with a true aim and with full spirit because it will come true. Start loving your work and aim with full exuberance, work hard keeping the conviction to accomplish, with continuation of a dream series. One day you will get your planned ways and will surely achieve the selected target of your life. I would like to end this article with few inspiring lines;

If you have something inside you which you want to get, that means you are alive.
When every day your eyes open with the glory of charm, that means you are alive.
Start dreaming today,
It’s not late and live your dream before time slips from your hand like a sand bar,
Keep trying,
Remember, you are a dreamer who is standing on a land of dreams!!

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Hira Khan
Hira khan is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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