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i3 Season 3 Bangalore - 5th conference

Pearls of wisdom from a young achiever who is still a final year engineering graduate.
It's a pleasure to have a Counsellor who is an Indian model and a beauty pageant winner, who was crowned as Miss Supranational 2014 at Krynica Zdroj, Poland on December 5th 2014 and she is the first Asian to get crowned by another Asian Winner in the history of pageant and she is none other than Ms. Asha Bhat.
i3 5th conference
It indeed was a wonderful day for all of us. I never thought that I could get such stunning words from mam. Anyway, I would like to share my learning from today's conference;

- The 4D's which we must implement in life are:

1. Desire: Your eagerness to grab something.
2. Dedication: Being dedicated and sticking to what you had dreamt and planned to do.
3. Determination: You must fix your purpose.
4. Discipline: It produces self-control, orderliness and obedience.

It is worth to implement this in our life.

* Accept positive criticism as it makes you happy. When a task arrives empty your vessel (brain). At that moment, you get many ideas.
* Give your heart and soul for your work no matter what it is and how it is.
* Lead a disciplined life. It’s the main factor that everyone should implement.
* Face the situations which come every day. Don't mind, just accept it and go ahead.
* Throughout your journey you'll find a lot of fascinating opportunities. Don't miss them, grab those and make your journey even more colourful.
* Inspiration is external whereas motivation is internal. Inspiration can come from everyone but motivation should come from your side.
* Before doing anything introspect once.
Hats off to her initiative towards the betterment of our society!!
It was an amazing conference for each and every delegate and a mind blowing experience.

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