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Education system can create wonders if it helps Learners become Observers, Thinkers, Creators, Doers and Contributors. What are the challenges in this process? What's the modus operandi to follow to make it happen? Find out more...
Education System
Education system is lacking in attracting the learner to observe the things because of its old system and content. When a learner doesn't observe the things s/he might not think out of the boundary or on the particular thing about which s/he is learning. Our system is making them to think about marks rather than new things on which they can become a creator. Somehow s/he can become a creator of new things by good observation. It might take creative thinking a long time to reach the world due to other influencing factors and forces. By this, again the system is failing to make learners as doers. Let me give an example: if any student has created a new thing or s/he wants to move with that to reach the world, his/her family, friends or relatives and, sometimes, even the society influence and force him/her to get settled with some good salary packages. More importantly, our education system is promoting a learner to become a receiver rather than promoting or influencing him/her to become a Giver/Contributor to the society. It's very rare to get to see an environment where teachers, friends, family and relatives of a learner are promoting and influencing him/her to become a good Giver or Contributor to the society.

Let's join hands to make learners as good observers by creating a curiosity in the system; let us make observers as thinkers by making them understand the importance of thinking on new ideas. After that, if we see any new creation coming from their new idea let's create an opportunity for them to see as doers become thinkers and creators because maximum will remain in those stages only. Ultimately by our whole heart, sincerely and honestly, let us promote and influence the doers to become good givers or contributors to the society along with their family, friends and relatives.

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Sunil Kumar G
Sunil Kumar G is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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