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What is restricting you to become what you want to be? Is your family or family background restricting you? Is your friends circle restricting you? Are your relatives and neighbours restricting you? Is our whole system restricting you? Is your lack of knowledge, lack of support, lack of guidance or mentoring or your financial position restricting you?
If you think that any one of the above reasons is restricting you then it means that's really not correct. If you think family or family background is restricting you then it means that you are failing to make your family understand what happiness and satisfaction you get by becoming what you want because no parents want to see their kids living life unhappily. If you think your friends group is restricting you- no, you have a group around you which doesn't sync with your mentality. First thing that you have to do is to surround yourself with people with whom your mentality syncs; it helps you to save the time which you are spending to make your friends understand your feelings. It doesn’t mean that you should leave your friends. Is your financial situation restricting you? No, your wish is expecting more efforts to have what you want. Are your neighbors restricting you? No, you may have not succeeded to communicate about Win to Win concept to them- how they can have a better environment if you win. Is your lack of knowledge and confidence restricting you? No, it's your lack of practice, lack of clarity of vision and lack of mentoring in your life. Try to work more on your vision with more clarity and better mentoring. Never ever feel that you don't have mentors in your life to do mentoring because when students need teachers arrive.

Restrictions are not real in nature. It's all about how you take it in your way. We should try to see the opportunity in every challenge. There are no restrictions existing in the outer world; if you feel that there are restrictions then they only exist in the inner world of yours.

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Sunil Kumar G
Sunil Kumar G is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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