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Role Model

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. -Bruce Lee
One or the other way most of the people have role model/s in their lives. Who is a role model? I, personally, believe that role models are those like whom we want to be. Year after year or generation after generation our role models change. Kids get influenced by cartoon and other TV shows, and say, “I want to be like that!” School children get influenced by sports and other entertainment shows and they say, “I want to be like that.” After they reach a certain age they actually decide who is/are their role model/s and start following him/her/them.
Role Model
In the process of choosing a role model, sometimes, we get influenced too much and start to behave like him/her. This is not at all good because by following and behaving like them we change our body language or style of communication and lose our originality and our self. Just imagine that if you become like your role model one day and people start telling you that you are just like your role model, will you feel happy? If yes, then you are giving 2nd place in your life for yourself and first place for none other than your role model because you are happy that you are just like your role model.

Is it good to give first place to someone and second place for yourself in your life? What is the use of leading the life by losing your originality? If you want to lead a life like others, then why are you present on this earth? You are here to lead a life in your way and not like others because there are few things which can be done only by you. There are many reasons and purposes for each and every birth on this earth; the earth doesn't need duplicates. Stop accepting if someone comes and says that you are like that person or others. Just tell them, “I am like myself.” And, stop telling others, “You are like that person.” If you really want to appreciate then tell them, “You did well in your way.

Parents start comparison right from the birth of a baby. They start telling their relatives and friends that the baby is like his/her father or like mother. The worst situation is when they start comparing each and every part of that kid to their family members. Just keep in mind that you should be the first preference for yourself. You are yourself and not like any other. If you want to follow any person/s as role model/s, follow them, but don't lose your originality, because there is no meaning in leading a life by losing yourself.

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Sunil Kumar G
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