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Stop comparing & start exploring!

Do you know the actual reason for dissatisfaction in someone's life by which a person feels disturbed and discouraged? We, more often, do that because it's our nature to do that without knowing its adverse effects on someone's life. What's that? It's COMPARISON!
Stop comparing & start exploring
Comparing ourselves with others creates a fake sense of being, and curbs our uniqueness and individuality. There are numerous reasons why a constant comparison with others is a bad idea. Comparing ourselves with others comes natural to a lot of us. It is a trait that we develop early on in our lives. Remember how our teachers used to portray the head boy/girl as the role model for all of us. A topper student always made it possible for all the students to be compared with him/her. We were expected to be like them. Even at home comparison with siblings was inevitable. The burden of expectations always bordered upon how you fared with the best performer of the team. And, in case you were the best performer, the comparison with others only created an impression of strength and superiority. The fact that many of us indulge in comparing our life, social status, appearance, wealth, looks with others is sycophantic of the deep rooted desire to be accepted by others. The reason of comparison doesn't work out because no two people are the same and can never be. While one might be good at marketing money, or in sports, or it can be in music, or in arts or writing while some might be good at just making friends. Comparison between two individuals who may appear to be equal due to the role play in family or society only creates frustration, self-pity, low self-worth and envy. It would be better to judge a real potential of a person and a person should judge inside himself; what he/she can do, and explore within oneself to touch the high notch. Take inspiration from someone whom you get really inspired from, to find your real field and develop the ability to run on a battle ground so that you too shall become someone's inspiration one day!

Stop comparing and start exploring!!!

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