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Success Mantra from our traditions: Recognize Self Control and Self Regulation

Psychologists have repeatedly asserted that EQ, not IQ, is the true benchmark for success. Self-control and self-management are essential pillars of EQ and, therefore, it is important that we should start focusing on self-control and give training to people on self-regulation.
All our efforts are focusing on building IQ or related skills, which are more related to information retention and information reproduction. We have to now start focusing on EQ or related skills which are self-control, self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and related qualities.
Success Mantra
Self-awareness, self-control and self-regulations enable a person to succeed in life. These qualities can easily be cultivated and a culture of self-regulation can be built through sustained efforts. Our traditions and our heritage have always emphasized on self-regulation. This is a hard-earned wisdom which our ancestors have passed on to us. India has a very rich tradition of self-control and self-regulation. People are encouraged to practice fasting, self-control and self-regulations. These rich traditions are still surviving. For example, Digambar Jain Saints still practise the highest level of self-control and regulations (they don’t wear any cloth even in extreme winter or extreme summer conditions; they don’t use any artificial means to control  temperature. They still live without any aid or equipment and embrace nature in its present form). They practise self-control and self-regulations to the highest order and prepare their bodies to bear the extremes of weather and nature. They are able to prepare themselves through auto-suggestions and self-regulation. Similar practices exist in other traditions also, and we must appreciate and recognize those practices.

It is time of summer and, therefore, it is slightly difficult time in terms of weather for most people. I get surprised as well as worried to see people unable to leave air-conditioned offices. I often find people scared to come out and face the nature even for a fraction of a second. The new generation, brought up in luxuries of comfort, is so accustomed to air-condition that it is just unable to experience the realities of nature.

As a part of World-Merit programs (to appreciate nature), we are trying to understand, appreciate and embrace nature. However, looking at the young generation of today, I suggest that we have to cultivate training for self-regulation and self-control so that the younger generations can start adapting themselves to the nature and prepare themselves slowly to face the hardships of the nature. Through constant practice, we can all learn how to control our body, mind and our levels of tolerance. Through constant practice, we can all acquire skills to bear the extremes of weather through self-regulations and auto-suggestions.
Due to our love and care for our younger ones, we try to provide them the utmost care, comfort and luxuries. However, as their true benefactor, we must also guide them to slowly practice self-control and self-regulation and learn how to withstand the realities of nature. If we can guide them, help them and support them, they will also become internally so strong that they would be able to overcome all their inhibitions, desires, fears, and prepare themselves for facing the vagaries of nature. This is also the crux of traditional Indian knowledge and practices. This is also the true mantra for sustainable and eco-friendly development.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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