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3 Mavericks - Multiple Solutions @TechnoZest

"Great Entrepreneurial journey begins with solving the simplest of the problems that people face. Let me remind you, the key is solving, not finding, not identifying, not lessening the problem, but solving."
At TechnoZest, the journey started when many of our friends and families in corporates used to complain about the services that they get. Businesses in the name of giving a WOW experience clutter the service with unwanted value additions. Many times a customer would ask sugarcane, but would end up getting sugar in fancy tetra-package with a colorful logo.

It is almost the same case across all industries. About a year ago, we were having discussions over this and realized, we have never faced such complaints in the processes we were involved. There was something in the way we worked, that made things good, smooth and as expected by the clients we handled.
We wanted to try our approach together as a single team. We wanted to do a trial run before the game. We started as a group of 3 freelancers Mahesh, Bharath and me (Kailas). Under the name Technozest we worked on many projects for over 5-6 months prior to registering. Testing before execution is one of the principles we believe firmly on.

Mahesh and Bharath have over 5 years of experience with the technical know-hows and do-hows. Mahesh is the Dexter in our group. His expertise with all the zeros, ones, commas, I mean to say, the coding language is impeccable. Bharath on the other hand is an expert in UX Development. I can get the end consumer perspective for our projects and help the team to deliver solutions that are user friendly and as clients expect.

This is our secret for long lasting relationships.

We also believe in doing things proper the first time. As Abraham Lincoln had once said, given 9 hours to cut down a tree, 8 hours are spent sharpening the axe and one hour on cutting, we lay huge emphasis on planning well before execution. This is what our clients have always appreciated. They have loved this systematic approach of ours.

Principles we believe in:

We are big fans of Modi ji’s Make in India movement - adapting technology for easy and smart life.
We also believe in going paperless wherever possible so it is e-billing for almost everybody.
We also believe in NOT OUTSOURCING any projects. Quality is our utmost concern and hence we do it in-house.
We believe in long term relationship with all clients we cater to. Hence we have truly adapted CUSTOMER-CENTRIC SERVICES.
We believe in earning the trust of all the clients we serve.
We are a service start-up, and have planned on keeping the core team small and deliver quality.

Our Services:

  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • General Websites
  • Online Marketing and Brand Management Consultations
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Graphic Banners
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
Our proficiency and professionalism in website design and development with creative multimedia solutions have been appreciated by companies and individuals. Our expertise includes building and implementing professional looking websites and E-commerce portals, Digital Marketing, Logo Design and Creative Art Services.

Our plans:

Ours is WORD OF MOUTH marketing strategy. Our social media presence is minimal. A happy client gives happy references. A happy reference is a happy business engagement.

Short term plan for 2015:

Reach a small target of serving 25 clients this year.

What is the turnover we are making?

Very minimal! Competition is high, so we are keeping minimum profits on all projects charging only to cover costs and a small amount for TZS to reinvest in it.
What is that we aspire to do in the next 5 years?

We are keeping servicing clients as our benchmark. So we wish to ensure our existing clients are kept happy and keep 100% growth in client servicing annually. Revenue is a byproduct of business.

We are also developing a revolutionary product to hit the industry soon. It will make buying easy for a common man. We are in planning stage. We are carrying out primary research at this point in time.

How will our investments come?

External investment for the financial year 2015-16 is almost nil. No external funding has gone into TechnoZest; it has been our savings with which we’ve started. Now, it is reinvesting of returns what we make into TechnoZest. We are planning expansion in the first half of 2016 to cover major cities/towns in Telangana, Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. .

To unclutter the symptoms from the real problems and find solutions for them, takes exceptional skills, patience and finesse.

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Kailas S Bhat
Partner, Brand Management at Technozs Consultants LLP

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