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With the increased usage of digital photography the charm of printing photos and storing them, is slowly dying as printing has been a cumbersome experience for people. Would you be happy if someone took up the responsibility of delivering quality photo prints to you, right at your doorstep? - World’s first free, premium photo printing & delivery service, has been launched, exclusively for the people of Hyderabad. Founded by IIIT – Hyderabad & IBS – Hyderabad Alumni, JustKapture delivers quality photo prints to users, right at their doorstep, for FREE. They provide a hassle free printing solution to users and a unique advertising medium, along with coupons/discounts. was launched on 1st March, 2015, and has already accumulated 50k+ page hits, 4.5k unique visitors, 1000+ registered users, growing at almost 50% per month since inception in March 2015, with 700 orders placed and 4000 prints delivered. Users can log into the website & choose photos from Facebook, Instagram or upload photos from their device. Once they select their photos and place the order, JustKapture prints them on premium quality paper (300GSM) and delivers it to the doorstep of the user, free of cost!
On how JustKapture came to be, one of the Founders said, “We were gifting photo prints to one of our friends and we realized that the blank space behind is just being wasted! That’s when we figured that it could be very valuable advertising space, which is personal, yet does not intrude upon the users.”

The photo prints are free for the users, as JustKapture places relevant advertisements behind the photos. They have tied up with 4 advertisers and collaborated with 2 start-ups and will be looking for other partners in the near future.

The initial response from clients was mind blowing! They were very excited about placing an ad behind a photograph. They believed that it was truly personal and would strike an instant connect with the users”, added another Founder of JustKapture.

With the increased usage of digital photography and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more people have stopped printing their photos. Except for weddings and few other occasions, the charm of printing photos and storing them, is slowly dying. JustKapture believes this to be happening as printing has been a cumbersome experience for users.

Starting from saving, storing, transferring photos, to the hassle of finding reliable printers and getting free time to print the photos at a reasonable cost has deterred users from printing them. JustKapture is aiming to reduce these hassles and deliver good quality, free photo prints to users at their doorstep.

Around 5 million people in Hyderabad have internet access, and this is growing at a rapid rate of 33% every year. JustKapture aims to reach its target audience with a marketing mix of traditional and event based promotions.
When asked about the reaction from users of JustKapture, the Co-Founder said, “It was amazing to see the ‘thank you’ messages from happy and satisfied users! They were quite surprised by the high-quality of the photos and couldn’t wait to order more. Nothing is more encouraging than to see the end-users happy.”

The team comprises of 3 professionals from top colleges, with over 10 years of experience in Product Development, Branding, Marketing, and Sales, who aim to make JustKapture the premier photo printing service across India.

You can now log in to and place an order for up to 6 photos.

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