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Leadership Lessons I Learned From John C. Maxwell

My name is Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha,  a Nigerian-born writer, communicator, life coach and social entrepreneur. One of the things I love to do is to learn from the purple sagacity of men and women that are ahead of me in the journey of life, I use what I learn from them to better my life and that of others.
John C Maxwell
Dr. John C. Maxwell is a motivator, author and leader extraordinaire who has raised many leaders. I have followed him diligently, consuming what he dishes out from his golden sagacity and I must confess that my life is better for it. Below are some wisdom I caught from following him:

The true measure of leaders is not the number of people who serve them but the number of people they serve.
Vision begins with one person, but it is only accomplished by many people.
Leaders who tend only to business often end up losing the people and business.
You do not have to be the CEO to lead effectively.
While poor leaders demand respect, competent leaders command respect.
Think influence, not position.
Learn to develop your influence from wherever you are in the organization.
Leadership is more disposition than position.
→ If people disagree with the vision, it’s often because they have a problem with the person who cast it.
The more you invest in the vision, the more it becomes your own.
→ No matter what our circumstances, our greatest limitation isn’t the leader above us – it’s the spirit within us.
→ To connect with people, you travel at their speed.
→ A person can’t be realistic about his potential until he is realistic about his position.
→ All players have a place where they add the most value.
→ Vision can leak. It needs to be communicated clearly, creatively and continually.
→ Ninety-nine percent of all leadership occurs, not from the top but from the middle of an organization.
We can often become so focused on our dreams and goals that we lose sight of the responsibilities right in front of us.
→ Insecure leaders think everything is about them, and as a result, every action, every piece of information, every decision is put through their filter of self-centeredness.
→ First and foremost, leadership is a people business.
→ You cannot give what you do not have. In order to develop your staff, you need to keep growing yourself.
→ When you equip people, you teach them how to do a job. When you develop them, you are helping them to improve as individuals.
→ Experience alone isn’t a good enough teacher – evaluated experience is.
→ Leaders need to be what they want to see.
→ When preparing to cast a vision, ask: What do I want them to know, and what do I want them to do?
→ For teams to develop at every level, they need leaders at every level.
→ Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.
→ Leaders can give up many things. They can delegate many things. The one thing that the top leaders can never let go is final responsibility.
→ A minute of thinking is often more valuable than an hour of talk or unplanned work.
Good leaders rarely think in terms of boundaries; instead, they think in terms of opportunities.
→ Vision tells people where they need to go, purpose tells them why they should go.
→ In leadership, maturity is putting the team before oneself.
→ The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness.
→ The key to leading yourself well is to learn self-management.
→ If we focus on being some other place because we think its better, then we will neither enjoy where we are nor do what we must to succeed.
→ Wise leaders shape their people into a team.

I shared this few sagacity with you because I believe that there is something you can learn from them for it is my desire that you better your best. You can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter

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Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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