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Challengers - Barcelona, Spain!

There is something happening in Barcelona that should get your attention.
Barcelona is believed to be one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the World together with Tel Aviv, Stockholm, London and Berlin. There are several reasons due to its rise such as the vibrant multicultural community, bilingual education (Spanish & Catalan), great government support, vast network of non-governmental supporters such as the Barcelona Global, Barcelona Tech City and Barcelona Activa. These organisations are vital support networks, especially when it comes to cutting the bureaucracy for the startups and finding essential funding. 

That is why many events such as the gigantic Mobile World Congress, choose Barcelona as their host city. 

Challengers is one of such events, but unlike large conferences, Challengers focuses on bringing together a selected group of speakers and a curated audience with highly emotionally engaging content. Known for its groundbreaking format which tries to create new injection of value, such as the absence of: video recording/streaming, demo-stands, group panels and startup pitches. Focus is on high quality content and excellent networking opportunities.

Challengers, as in all of its editions, is filled with media who are curious to learn and cover the cutting edge innovations. This year they will be joined by the largest independent media company in Europe: Euronews, which registers over 40 million daily viewers and a total reach of 480 million people in 13 languages. The CEO of Euronews will join as one of the keynote speakers. This is a rare opportunity to connect in an intimate surrounding with top media executive as Challengers hosts up to 600 guests.

So what is Challengers?

It's a technology event with laser sharp focus on networking, fresh keynote presentations by thought leaders and disrupters covering five themes such as Life Sciences, Future of Food, Interaction (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Media), Future of Cars and Humanity. The aim is bring together those who think and act differently.

 In Challengers visitors will see:
  • European premiere of the World’s most advanced vehicle made by Mercedes-Benz known as F015 - Luxury in Motion – (luckiest ones get to take a drive)
Mercedes Benz F 015
Mercedes Benz F 015
  • World Premiere of Flyboard (live demonstration):  - the YouTube video has gone viral with nearly 5 million views
  • The Director General of the Global Seed Vault - also known as the Doomsday Vault - where ALL of the worlds seeds are stored
  • Perhaps one of the best Life Science programs ever seen in tech events cover areas such as:
    • How machine learning and cloud computing speeds up the drug development process
    • From Systems to Synthetic Biology: engineering of microorganisms as delivery systems
    • Personalized anti-cancer medicine through Zebrafish
    • We know what´s in your head better than you think, and we want to change it
    • Is having sex the best way to make a baby?
    • Terraforming earth with synthetic biology?
  • The Future of Food track is also a stellar one:
    • Can Crickets save the World?
    • Scalable solution to the unsustainable problem of food taste
    • Insight to the Doomsday Vault – Life Saver in the Arctic
It is a great place to meet with innovators, disruptors, media and entrepreneurs who are building the next big thing in business and technology. It is a great opportunity to get an insight to the European and Spanish technology ecosystem, witness some of the most unique innovations such as the F015 and Flyboard. Outdoor networking area ensures great time.

Also, it is a great opportunity to combine a weekend trip with some sublime networking and learning.

Tickets start from 150 Euros and they are going fast! Visit:

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