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Paragon of Destiny's Choice turned into Prowess - Kirti Nair

Meet the girl who never knew that there existed a field called photography and today she has created a unique style through which she can communicate a fact, create a heart touching souvenir and change the way you see the world.
Kirti Nair Photography
Born in a family that always encouraged art unlike the parents who push their kids into the rat race for an engineering or medical seat, she got into a fashion designing institute. In her second year of the course, she had a subject called fashion photography in her curriculum which introduced her to the vast stretches of photography.

Following her graduation she joined a photo studio where she did weddings, babies and family portraits. She was fortunate enough to find a person like her boss who taught her many things that make her the present Kirti; for if you learn with pleasure it turns out to be a treasure. She says that she is not a technical photographer but most of her work is post production where she can edit and give it a sparkling finish.

She carries her camera with her every time she travels around and presently uses a D800 D-SLR camera. “Photography to me is like a therapy, a stress buster and a relaxation. I can do it all day and still not get bored”, says Kirti to whom it is a way of life, more like placing head, heart and eye along the same line of sight. She emphasizes that photography is not about the cameras, gadgets and gismos but all about photographers. So the best camera is not everything that can make a good picture. She says proudly that she goes with a very basic setting to shoot for a wedding – a camera, a right angle lens and a flash. She rephrases the quote “A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter makes a great novel.
Kirti Nair Photography Kirti Nair Photography
Questioned about an unforgettable memory in her life, she starts off with a grin across her lips and shares her special experiences of her first venture as a freelancer. “I was shooting for a couple in Dubai. The location was a scenic waterfalls and the last part of the day’s schedule. Can you guess what happened! The next moment I was in water with my camera. I had a pretty bad fall; the camera got wet and I had to cancel the shoot for the day. For the rest of the wedding shoot, I had to depend on a rented camera. All that I earned for the shoot was into replacing my camera. I just can’t forget this incident”, says Kirti with a laugh.
Kirti Nair Photography
In her four years of professional experience, she has faced a lot of challenges and stood has an exemplification to the saying that strong walls shake but never collapse. “First thing would be setting the roots and took me a long time to start off. As a photographer, you will never have enough money. The camera and lens is all a costly affair. They need constant upgrading. Being a female photographer, I face things differently compared to a male one. As a girl's safety becomes important when you are travelling alone and it kind of raises my budget and expenses which is again a drawback.”

She says that people in India do not consider photography as a career. But unlike them her parents were always supportive. Her sister is also into the artistic field of writing for an advertising company. She says blissfully that her mom sends her articles on photography when she comes across good ones even today which is a token of encouragement. Her proud parents talk about her work in their social circle and suggest them about hiring her for their occasions.

Social media has been my biggest savior.’ She runs two startups and marketing is not something that can find a place in their small budget firms. So social media comes to their rescue and they rely on it for promoting their establishment. Most of her clients are from facebook. She says that she does not have a website of her own and it will take time as her dream website is a little expensive and she sternly says that she doesn’t want to compromise on that. That is how you Dream Big. In addition to it, her entire learning process happens on web. She follows a lot of blogs and online communities where you can find loads to learn. She has never undergone any professional training but has been into the online world of learning.
Kirti Nair Photography Kirti Nair Photography
Kirti Nair is a vehement young achiever who stands as an inspiration to every other female out there. She calls herself a turtle whose secret has been slow and steady. She believes in moving forward slowly and building up a strong foundation. Here are her golden words for young aspiring photographers in order to emerge like a fireball. “It is not easy being a photographer. It looks like a glamorous job but it is not. If you are really passionate about it, then just stick to it like glue and wait for that one break that will change your life. Commitment is that turning point in your life when you seize the moment and convert it into an opportunity to alter your destiny.”

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