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Prank turned into Povenance of Prosperity - Story of Nitish Kumar

Let's get to know about the architect of youngster's dreams of becoming a dancer who never knew he would be the pioneer to their future since his academy took form after he played a prank on his friend saying he started a dance academy for it came into a mind-blowing reality. Nitish Kumar is a zestful individual who never stopped dreaming big. The level of his happiness-meter registers a rise not just with his own joy but his student's success and joy.
As I walked into the doors of the academy, I could see some bright tired faces enjoying themselves immersed in a completely different world of dance, little did I know then that there is something at this place that I’m going to take back with me forever. Rhythmzz dance academy is now a family tracing its roots to the one person who nurtured it with dreams and a vision for his students.
Dancer Nitish Kumar
Nitish says he liked being in the limelight since his childhood. He says with a laughter that it all began with immitating Bollywood stalwarts like Akshay Kumar. People applauded for him when he performed and that’s when he knew that he could dance. Multi-dimensional Nitish also had cricketing talents which fetched him fame during his intermediate. When he joined his college, he formed his own crew with a bunch of people from his college and he got an immense response for his first performance. Later destiny brought him close to his dear friends who shared a similar passion. They put their hands together to make it happen and started taking part in various competitions that gave them an insight into their talents and made them believe their abilities. Following his B.Com, he joined ADP and marched ahead with his unflagging nature.

He visited his college after a couple of months and his principal’s words enkindled his inner passion and it led to the birth of Rhythmzz which celebrates its third anniversary today with its branches spreading all around in the form of success stories wherever it reaches and fruits coming up in the form of budding dancers realizing their dreams. He was ready for a battle with time - irrespective his heavy corporate workload, he never missed a day at academy and made it a part of his daily schedule even if that meant cutting short his rest time.
Dancer Nitish Kumar
Nitish encountered something four years ago which changed his life forever. He developed a back problem which has ceased his dance career and he never saw it coming. He finds it difficult to stand for too long and even worse, struggles to sit in an erect posture continously. But nobody can even guess the dark secret behind this cheerful guy full of vim and vigor who has personified the saying; Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyse you but are supposed to help you discover who you are. Many a times there were questions rising in his mind as to bring an end to the institute as he cannot be the same person anymore but the willingness and the passion that his students have shown towards dance by making his academy their second home, has been adding life to the place. The students who were groomed under him are presently the instructors at Rhythmzz. Their unbounded zeal and absolute dedication stand as the pillars of support to this monolith.

Nitish tries to give the best to his students for he sees his success in their success. He frequently organizes workshops by eminent trainers and some renowned international dancers. He never charges a penny from his talented students but asks them to pay it back in the form of extra hours of practice and dedication towards their work. He has quoted the two biggest dreams of his life; One is being a part of HDPL event which was fulfilled last year in a smashing way. He says that the moments of the day remain eternal in his heart. It was such a special ‘dream come true’ moment that the chains to his feet were broken down by his inner strength that made people witness the fighter Nitish who was living his most cherished dream. It shows that dreams possess power within them that can create history as Nitish’s feet were moving to the tempo after 3 years though his heart does the job every minute. The second is introducing a diploma on performing arts where students can do their diploma in arts (Western as well as Indian Classical dance). He had to do his diploma from ISPTD (Indian Society for Performers and Teachers of Dance) at Lourd Vijay Dance Studio in Bangalore and Nitish wants to bring it to Hyderabad for the first time. As I have quoted in the beginning, I took with me something from the place, something that sunk in too deep in my heart. A lesson that I always thought just studded the page in a book was standing right in front of me for more than an hour. A person who has dedicated his life to others and was glowing by giving light to others. His dedication is not a sacrifice but an exhilarating experience because it is an intense effort applied towards a meaningful end.

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