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Techie cum Clickie on his way to Life's Mission - Aashish Vivekanand

Have you ever felt like freezing a moment because you can't let that go, felt like living in a particular moment forever or felt like letting time pass off in a jiffy because you do not wish to hang on to a specific harsh moment for longer? This is something that each one of us experience in our life during very special moments or some of the hurting moments in our life. Imagine how magical that would be - controlling time!
Aashish Vivekanand Photography
Aashish, a vibrant guy does this spell working with his spells in the form of clicks on his fingertips with a ‘boom boom bush’ of his wand which is a camera. Time lapse is the specific subject that he works on in photography. Capturing nature at its best is his favorite hobby. Playing with lights by bringing the lights to a stand still and keeping the spark alive forever in the photograph is what our vivacious Aashish accomplishes.

Aashish Vivekanand is a third year Engineering graduate pursuing his Computer Science Engineering. He has a great interest in his subject and has been working really hard in that field which gave him the scholarship from google for their android nano degree program (there were only about 1000 selected from India and Aashish is one of them). But he has simultaneously fed his passion, photography. His first play with the lenses was in his eighth standard when he got his digital camera. He managed to upload a couple of photographs for Nat-Geo. So that was how it all started. He recollects that it was in his high school that he was given an SLR (Single Lens Reflector) through which he began to shoot the world and discovered his love for photography. It was in his eleventh standard when he was with his camera in and out and that phase has played a major role in shaping his photography skills. He happened to visit his sister’s school in Bangalore where he seized the momentum at a competition held there.
Aashish Vivekanand Photography
His spectacular works are so lively that they take you to the location of the photo’s origin. He was fascinated by the time lapse photographs and says it is all about playing with lights. Time-lapse photography is a technique where the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. Unlike the videos, the photographs freeze a moment as it is. They are so capturing that it always leaves us curious to know the secret behind his splendid work. Here is the answer in his words, “Coming to the dewdrops, capturing that in a city seems a difficult task, you have to get the right opportunity and the right spot with correct lighting, often something would be missing. I keep waiting for right opportunity and a perfect shot through the lens. Most of the shots, I manage to get up early and go for a shoot so that I can show the nature's beauty at its best. And for the lightning, you have to work hard with the timing. First few times, I missed it but later got a hold of it. I don't use internet or others' help to learn, but I used to try out settings on my own and explore the camera modes.”
Aashish Vivekanand Photography
When he finds time out of his busy engineering life, he goes around looking for places in and around Chennai to explore photography. “My ideal place for shooting macro shots would definitively be Kodaikanal. I have been there several times and it never tires me shooting nature the whole day.” He says that many of his shots are planned and executed with his mostly used 18-55 kit lens.

Aashish has competed with some of the professional photographers during a competition that was held in Anna University where they had to shoot some exclusive photographs within the campus. He proudly reminisces it as a remarkable achievement that helped him believe in himself. He highlights the depth in a single photograph in comparison with a series of them depicting a theme saying, “It's very difficult to bring the whole theme in a single picture but that's the challenge. Series of photos often expresses more emotions together may not be a theme whereas a single photo which picturises the concept is a very challenging one and would be your best shot.”
Aashish Vivekanand Photography
The young techie who makes wonders with his camera says that any person can be an expert in photography and all it takes is understanding and balancing the exposure triangle that revolves around the three main elements- aperture, shutter speed and ISO. These elements have a significant role in how the pictures look and how they make you feel.

One big lesson that Aashish shouts to the world is the effort that you need to make in discovering your passion. For any homo sapien on earth, it is important to know what makes you push yourself harder, what unlocks your potential, what is your compassion and ultimately what is the purpose of your life. Before it is too late, they should be able to identify their passion, cultivate their talent and amplify their purpose.
Aashish Vivekanand Photography
The problem is with our current educational system, sure they provide excellent opportunities for children to learn and grow, but desperately lack opportunities for self-exploration of talents and passion. We shouldn’t have to wait to truly find ourselves and discover our passions and talents in life. Sometimes waiting, till it’s too late — which for many prevents them from being able to learn who they are and what it is they want to do with their lives. So, young blood out there, it is time for you to question yourself what are your raw passions and what makes you happy looking forward to reach farther and farther with each passing day. You possess keys to various doors and it is time for you to decide which door to open and walk into transforming yourself into powerful beings who can change the world.

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