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Sumeet Mahendra compiles powerful inspiring quotes into the book - The Words Of Wisdom

Quotes are indeed a way to get a quick dose of self-help, re-orientation and sometimes the direction we are looking for. Sometimes they are life changing as they give us the dose of inspiration that changes our direction of life forever and look like the only thing we were ever waiting for.
Sumeet Mahendra's 'The Words Of Wisdom'
Sumeet Mahendra understands this power of quotes and compiles The Words Of Wisdom, which is a collection of hand picked quotes and sayings of the Great Sages of the World.

There lies an enormous power in every single word of these quotes, as the mere understanding and application of them can help you in achieving all your personal and professional goals, in no time.
The best way to use this book is by picking any quote and spending detailed time reading it and reciting it until it goes into every blood cell and you are able to grasp its deepest depths. The goal is to imbibe it into your value system and make it the principle of your life. Doing this can help you implement them into your life and make successes that you have always imagined happen for yourself in every sector of your life.

The beauty of this collection lies in the fact that the quotes are arranged in the length and depth (literally and in terms of the meaning they hold and depth they carry). This collection truly has the power to give you the unlimited inspiration you are looking for in life and we believe it shall help you as much as it has already helped Sumeet and all his other readers.

iU eMagazine: What inspired you to write this book?

Sumeet: In our childhood, we all come across so many Quotes. Some of them are posted on the walls of our schools, some offices and now we also have them up as our mobile wallpapers or on the timeline of Facebook account. So, ever since childhood I have been collecting the best of the lot, repeating and rehearsing them with the hope that one-day I'll astonish the audience with the collection I have. As I see my life unfold, already close to a quarter of century has passed and I haven’t been able to share them with more than a few dozens of my friends. Therefore, through this book, I'm sharing the wisdom which has helped me a lot. Since, I have gone through many many books I’m trying to share the best of everything that I have learnt here.

iU eMagazine: Who's your inspiration when it comes to becoming an author?

Sumeet Mahendra's 'The Words Of Wisdom' Sumeet: A. C. Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada!

He's someone who has written so many books in such short span of time and every single book by him, from the "Bhagavad Gita As it Is" to “Krsna" or could be any other, is so full of wisdom. Wisdom, that is practical to apply and make a great life. So, he is indeed my inspiration to bring this collection to life as a book.

iU eMagazine: What's your piece of advice for other aspiring authors?

Sumeet: Well, it's my first book so I'm not still in a position to advise to my best but all I can say is that one should have a desire, a keen pulsating desire, to transform ones thoughts into black and white. The desire would help you in overcoming all sorts of mental barriers. Beside that, one must be able to answer to himself/herself "Why I'm writing it & for whom?” and then never ever bother about its selling propositions.

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