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To Make it BIG You Need to Think SMALL!

Thinking BIG is natural, we all want to do it and have been doing it probably. I am advising you to THINK SMALL. Stunned? Read ON! I bet you will find it absolutely worth investing your time on the next set of lines that follow and shoot me a line or two in the comments of how you are surely going to think SMALL anymore :)
I know I have your attention for a while and I assure you it’s for a perfect reason. I don’t intend to mean thinking small in terms of how far you dream, or how far you wish to reach or how much you wish to accomplish. I don’t even mean it terms of your level of thinking or mentality in terms of your behaviour with people. I am intending to bring something very important to your notice through this post.
Think Small
Most of the time we are all focused on the larger picture, the big dreams, the excitement of bigger things to do, the larger goals to achieve, the awards/recognitions, the scale of growth or the success milestones, which tends to take away our focus from the smaller details that actually and eventually matter for you to get to the place where you dream to get. It’s not at all incorrect to focus on the afore mentioned things which bring us close to feeling the larger picture and believing in them, which is the first key step to even being able to do everything else, but, to not be able to look at the details or the smaller things in the process is the greatest loss you could probably face.

The journey for me as an Entrepreneur started with Network Marketing when I was first introduced to this word. The process of sales, leadership, building network channels and more in the company there taught me a lot of people skills, introduced me to the ability of visualising the bigger picture and even making it happen, helped me delegate, connect with others, master the ability to understand products, selling strategies and actually sell and above all get others to sell and train them to master all of these.
Think Small
I successfully built my networks across the country and even helped reach other countries. But, I never knew I was far from the word Entrepreneurship myself still. It did give me my first introduction to focusing on the details of my network. The more focussed on every involved associate, the more I was able to succeed at what I was doing. The core was to be able to work on the basics each time, understand where people stand, help them see the larger picture and eventually move them to walk the first steps, monitor their growth, evaluate and motivate them to get to where their goals lie, while aligning them to the common goals of the company and goals I had for my network eventually.

I then jumped over to starting my own company Inspiration Unlimited which forayed in to training & built this global eMagazine. I delivered talks initially, then created an all powerful platform called i3 that brought students to experience social entrepreneurship by getting involved into weekly social impact projects while I was building this eMagazine with my team. I also started & built multiple social projects like 36Meals, iU newspaper bag project, iU OSB Project, iU Youth 2 Children & iU Cares Platform which are all great successes and have done a great job thus far. I then envisioned a platform called ADAD & got on-board companies like MYT Sports & SmartQ. Working with SmartQ was a great learning experience to solving pain points of people through innovative ideas, use of technology and collaborations. Meanwhile, MYT Sports became a great experience in terms of understanding the challenges in the travel industry, adventure & outdoor activities sector.
All of these experiences have brought me closer and closer to learning tonnes about Entrepreneurship, Business and eventually LIFE. I dreamt big and dream even bigger today because of all these experiences, but, my greatest lesson through this journey has been to think SMALL and focus on the details. The more you focus on how your unit matrix is performing and basic minimum feasible project is doing, the more your larger goals become a certainty. The more you understand your team and their talents and abilities the more you are able to drive them in the right direction to perform in roles that suit them best. The focus on details of what rewards tune whom, how they perform a task, how they evolve their plans, to what the cash flows of the company are, how much money actually gets spent on marketing compared to the allocated budget, how much the eventual profit is and how much you have lost in the process and how much you have left with, helps you look at business with a whole different perspective.

When everything is going great, you tend to focus on how amazingly you have come this far, when you should actually be looking how you are going to plan your next events/expansion plans, how you would consolidate the growth that’s happened from the recent developments, what are the next skills you will work on for yourself, what are the next set of skills your team needs to focus on, how much raise are you going to give to your people, how many new people are you going to recruit, what new technology you would bring into your company next to solve the standing problems that are slowing your organisation down and so much more that would help you detail down your growth to aspects that you would otherwise ignore and then find yourself back to square one most of the times or probably not have the growth that you desire in many a areas where you otherwise thought you were already an expert.
Think Small
True is the adage “God is in details!”. Most often when you have an eye for details the culture percolates, an ordinary employee on your team starts developing the abilities of a managerial level. Everyone in the team starts to think SMALL instead of just the big picture. They learn from you of how BIG things and BIG picture is important for the overall drive, excitement and motivation in the organisation but the success lies only in the details and the SMALL things that always tend to miss the eye because they are not last on the list.

This just doesn’t apply to business. No matter, what career you are in or whatever position of your life you are currently at, this philosophy holds TRUE; From a child to a retired old person in this world, in fact, just about everyone, must understand that thinking SMALL and focusing on the details is the BIG thing you could do for all the BIG things you wish to do in your LIFE. Whether it’s your relationships, family, personal development, habits that you wish to develop or anything at all that needs to grow look at the details and flaws will stare into your eye, stay focused on the details, invest your energy on one area after another and you will see the life of your dreams manifest in every area possible. Set right everything one by one.

Awareness is power and execution is the first step to fortune. Start with your first step however SMALL it is because SMALL is BIG. Go ahead & Take action NOW!

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