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9th Edition CFO Leadership Summit 2017

Appreciates and celebrates the sedulous efforts by the CFOs.
An astounding response received in the previous editions of CFO Leadership Summit has given us the poise to organize the 9th Edition in Mumbai on 13th September, 2017. The summit intends to bring together 100+ Finance Leaders under one single roof to discuss the latest innovations and developments that have surfaced throughout the industries along with the challenges that can hinder the growth on certain fronts.
CFO Leadership Summit 2017 With the economy going through multiple transitions like the demonetization & GST imposition over the course of last 6 months, it is imperative for the CFO’s across different sectors to hold a holistic understanding of the implications of these government strategies. In hindsight, the technology has been playing a crucial role in the evolution of the business practices and mode of transactions. With the advent of “BITCOINS” are we heading into a new era of remittances? With Cyber-attacks like “WannaCry Ransomware”, how safe is our data? Further, from a financial standpoint, why do M&A’s fail? And How are we moving from Enterprise Risk Management to Strategic Risk Management? Is Zombie Debt Affecting your financial decisions & the role of Debt financing in the changed scenario of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) with the Latest guidelines on Debt Restructuring by RBI.

The 9th Edition of CFO Leadership Summit has been premeditated to answer all such questions through the keynotes & panel discussions involving the experts from the respective verticals and industries. The last Edition of CFO witnessed the CFO’s from Wipro Digital, Levi Strauss & Co., Mindtree, Myntra, Unilog & many more prominent names featuring as the speakers and shedding light on contentious issues faced by the industries. The upcoming edition of CFO Leadership Summit 2017 intends to introspect the course of impending developments in the financial sector along with an assessment of the scope to innovate and secure a better future. The upcoming edition features speakers like Mr. Gurumoorthy Ramalingam, Director(SEBI), Mr. Dhiraj Nayyar, OSD & Head (NITI Aayog), Mr. Lalit Malik, CFO (Dabur India Ltd.), Manish Vora , CFO (Johnson & Johnson) , Sanjay Bahl Group CFO (Raymond), KaleeswaranArunachalam, CFO (Future Lifestyles Fashions Ltd.) and many more.

The summit will touch upon all the industries like:

•BFSI • IT & ITES • Aerospace &Defence • Automobile & Automobile Components • Capital Goods • Chemicals • Consumer Durable & Home Appliances • Electrical & Electronics • Food Processing • FMCG • Iron and Steel • Oil and Gas • Pharmaceuticals • Power & Energy • Textiles & Garments • E-commerce • Retail

CFO Leadership Summit 2017 Apart from offering a learning and re-education platform, this summit will also offer a networking opportunity to all the attendees to strengthen their professional ties within the industry and they can avail the one-on-one meetings with the potential solution providers in a conducive B2B environment. For the sponsors, this comes as an engaging opportunity to showcase the latest developments on various technical & non-technical fronts like cashless remittances, cyber-security, asset management, risk management, financial & accounting solutions & software catering to the same. Amidst the presence of decision makers, this can be an ideal opportunity for the facilitating companies to present their solutions and establish new business relationships. To seize the best opportunities, register soon without any procrastinations.

The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with CFO Leadership Summit 2017 as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended. For more information on the summit visit:

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