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July 13: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Many of us dream but not all are aware that we can make all our dreams come truly easily and surely if we follow the right path. Here is something that teaches you the secrets of achievers’ lives. Read on!

1. “Every decision you take and every move you make is a page which is yet to be filled with a new chapter of life.”

Inspiration From History Your thoughts, perceptions, views, ideologies, perspectives and steps define your life. Everything that happens in your life certainly matters. The position at which you stand at this minute depends on what opted for. Incidents and situations may not matter but the way you receive it, lessons you learn from it and impact it creates in your mind decides, plans and directs your life. Every decision and move that you make at this moment shall open a new page to add a new chapter into your life. This page is blank, plain and meaningless until and unless you color it with your achievements and energize it with your spirit, the blank page remains lifeless. The future of your life is similar to this page. You got to add life to your future and celebrate it through your actions and optimistic mindset.

Dave Garroway poured in sensible thoughts and ideas while dealing with his present to welcome a better chapter to his life. The American television personality was the founding host and anchor of NBC's Today. He was honored and respected for all his contributions to radio and television made him walk through the Fame OF Hollywood. Garroway also worked to organize jazz concerts and created a ‘Jazz Circuit’ to bring back interest in this music genre. He was known as the first "communicator and racked at all that he tried.

2. “Beyond all, life is about being happy and filling it with ecstasy. Never compromise on it.”

Inspiration From History Different people interpret life in different manner. For some, life is a platform which allows achieving and succeeding to any possible extent. The other set says that life is a journey and we got to go back immediately when our duration of stay ends. According to few other people, life is fun, enjoyment, craziness and celebration. But the kind of life which we are living our lives today, has nothing but pain, stress, pressure, competition, fear and insecurity. All of us want to win but that doesn’t mean we lose the chance of experiencing the beauty of this minute to the fullest. Whatever may be your goals, dreams and purpose, we crave to achieve all of them to experience the real sense of joy, essence of happiness and ultimate bliss. Above all, let happiness be the main priority in our lives. Happiness increases when it is spread. Be the reason for it to spread. Enjoy the feel of bringing a smile on another person’s smile.

Margaret Murray strived for building a happy society. Anything for that matter must start from you. Hence, she kept smiling and made others smile too. The Anglo-Indian Egyptologist served as an archaeologist, anthropologist, historian, and folklorist. She was the first woman to be appointed as a lecturer in archaeology and she eventually became the President of the Folklore Society.

3. “Before you conclude, understand the ‘why;’ before you assume, ask and before you quit, feel the energy in you.”

Inspiration From History

Let your thoughts always be crystal clear. Never come to decisions without understanding things completely. Before you judge, always remember that not everything is transparent. There may be a lot of truths under cover. So, never conclude based son what you see. Everything happens for a reason. Until you understand the reason and purpose, you don’t have any right to judge. Rather than assuming answers, ask for answers. Asking helps you learn better and remove all the doubts and questions running in your mind. Each of us is made up of immense energy and potential. Only when we dig for our worth, we find it. Whenever a challenge comes in front of you, never forget to remind yourself about the energy which is built within you. This helps you regenerate your energy and also pushes you towards achieving what you got to.

John Dee encouraged transparency in his thoughts, abilities, dreams and decisions. The English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher was also an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Devoting much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy, he reached the top of what he dreamt. His high status as a scholar also allowed him to play a role in Elizabethan politics. He tutored the queen and uplifted the politics.

4. “While moving towards success, make sure you don’t miss out on the smallest of the happiness and achievements which warm up your life.”

Inspiration From History We all aim really high and look at our dreams as reasons to live; due to which, we let our target to completely embrace our mind, heart and personality. When the motive of your life is to win, you naturally focus such that you cannot see anything other than your target. But achieving such high aims is certainly not easy. The way to reach them is like a roller coaster. Your aims take you all round the ride and introduce to every experience available in the universe. By the time you reach your life- ambition, you would be aware of every feeling, emotion, thought, acceptance, rejection and face of life and reality. Life has lots to offer but got to welcome all of it with an open mind. Your readiness to look at and take the smallest of the smallest in the universe is directly proportional to how much meaning you add to your life.

Nathan Bedford Forrest aimed high, dreamt big and also lived a quality life. The lieutenant general was less educated among all in his office. He initially worked as a planter, real estate investor, and slave trader before he was enlisted as a private and promoted to general officer. He created and established new doctrines for mobile forces. While riding towards his ultimate goal. He rather used all his talents and looked for contentment.

5. “As long as you don’t stop trying, hope remains alive at some corner of your heart which invites success into your life soon.”

Inspiration From History Life is as long as you feel the emotions; you become better as long as you make mistakes just to learn from; you truly win and continue to as long as you try. The winner is the one who stands up quickly after he falls and continues to run the marathon of life until he earns success. Not everybody who falls down gets up. Not all accept the failure to move on. Then why do you think achievers get triggered and get provoked positively when they encounter a defeat? It is because of the hope which resides in them. Hope is the tonic which adds more to the urge, hunger, desire and aspiration to win, achieve, succeed and grow, as long as you are ready to start, resume and never stop.

Stanley Coveleski was very positive and always believed that a grand victory was yet to come and decorate his life. Hoping for the best at every stage, the American Major League Baseball pitcher primarily threw the spitball. As he was a sportsman, the sportsman’s spirit in him accommodated the bright ray of hope which attracted success towards it. He began to work as a breaker boy at a local colliery at the age of 12. Nevertheless, he worked on his pitching skills during the evenings. Conclusion: Achievers think differently, behave differently and live differently. So, you choose between making a difference and leading the same routine life; chose between following the already laid track and creating a new path. What you opt for decides your identity as an achiever or an ordinary person.


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