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July 19: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

How many of us has given a thought about the point and meaning of living life? The lessons extracted from the experiences in the lives of past personalities would enable you discover the underlying truth and purpose of living. Go through the write up till the end to learn about the decors of success.

1. “Love your life, trust your abilities. You can handle situations better when you employ love and trust to deal with them.”

Inspiration From History Life is not only about dreaming your desires and setting goals to deserve them. Life gets completed when you live, love and win the reality. You win the reality when you win the hearts of people which make this world. The charm of living life is hidden in accepting, facing and dealing with situations. The circumstances and instances which you are exposed to in life become the reason for you to discover yourself, unleash all your strengths, capabilities and make way for something bigger and better to enter your life. You have to build your life, yourself and your future; its only you who got to receive all of what comes to you, cope with the well, tackle the problems and bear the hardships. Every situation which you happen to face in your life behaves as a guide. It serves as a lesson, shows you the part and provides ample amount of practical extract about what life is and your role in it. You succeed when you love your life to the fullest and trust your abilities wholeheartedly.

Not giving up after being through and surviving amidst all the hardships, Percy Lebaron Spencer learnt from the situations and incidents which happened in his life. The American physicist and inventor is remembered and respected for his invention of the microwave oven. Staying with his aunt during his childhood, he came across a situation where he had to leave school to earn money for his family. At the age of twelve to sixteen, he worked from sunrise to sunset at a spool mill. Improving his urge to learn, he further went on to create his signature in the field of science.

2. “More than what you go through, what you choose and how you act decide where you got to stand in life.”

Inspiration From History Hardships are common. Everybody who is born on this planet has got hurdles to face and challenges to win. Always remember that the real beauty of life is made up of your actions. What would you dream, fight for, aim at, react and act when you don’t have an obstacle or a hindrance in your life. Thinking, exploring to learn, and coming up with a solution happens only when you have a problem. We all have been through problems, difficulties and tough times. Hurdles are never big or small; the way you handle, manage and tackle them would make them so. Rather than all that you go through, learning from the situations, implementing them in your future life, choosing to win and not merely attempt, asking yourself about what you want and where you want to reach in life would decide your destiny.

Charles Horace Mayo chose to stand up when he fell. He was an American medical practitioner was one of the founders of the Mayo Clinic. Going through the tough times was a must for him but charging back to win all his desires was certainly what he chose. This further decided his identity. Along with framing his life, he found real happiness in converting his venture into a tool which empowered the society. The private practice became the not-for-profit Mayo Clinic.

3. “None are perfect and neither can they be some day. Life is about trying. Learning is greater than winning.”

Inspiration From History Do not aim at attaining flawlessness all the time. Perfection is important but attempting something new, exploring deeper and trying harder and winning your previous attempt is more important and would all help you glorify your life. Leading life in itself is a learning process. When nothing is predictable, when you don’t know how the next minute of your life is going to be, aiming at becoming a better person by committing new mistakes, mastering every angle and bit of what you do and excelling through exploring adds value to your victory. Becoming successful by setting a new standard and not only by following the already set one becomes a reason for the world to remember you, cherish what you’ve done and to follow your footsteps throughout. You win not only when you raise flawless performances but when you learn from every failing attempt of yours. True success is when you get better; you get better only when you transform the failing attempt to that of winning by applying your learnt lessons.

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow focused on learning while working. Concentrating on bettering her attempts, the American medical physicist won the 1977 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for development of the radioimmunoassay (RIA) technique. She grew because she thought attempting was more valuable than attaining perfection. Being the second American woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize Physiology or Medicine and not believing that any good graduate school would admit and provide financial support to a woman, she served as a secretary and the only woman among the department's 400 members.

4. “True gratitude is not ‘thank you’ by words. It is through improved deeds.”

Inspiration From History The only way to thank who helped you, supported you, encouraged you, guided you, taught you and led you is by behaving in the way that would add meaning to the help, support, encouragement, guidance, lessons and the right path which you were gifted with. Your gratitude towards the helping hands gets completed not when you thank through words but by actually pronouncing it by walking along the track which is led by the experienced, learned and the guiding element. The best way to be grateful to who supported you and changed your life is by raising and nurturing the right attitude, improved deeds and changed behavior. You got to create the difference and prove yourself. The lessons that you learn and teachings which you obtain would mark the goodness in your life and drive you to the peak of success.

Herbert Marcuse was a German-American philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist who saluted his life for making him learn, understand and proceed towards achieving. The best part of his life was that he grew because his source of guidance was minds filled with intellect and experience. Called the Father of the New Left, he celebrated success by being grateful to such minds. He showed gratitude by acquiring more knowledge and learning more. Receiving his PhD, he stood as a prominent figure in the Frankfurt-based Institute for Social Research.

5. “The secret to excel lies in doing and not merely speaking about it.”

Inspiration From History Actions speak more than words. Think in terms of doing rather than merely speaking. Practical experimentation is more effective compared to theoretical learning is what most of us believe. Students learn more and acquire more knowledge in laboratory sessions than the classroom sessions. Always remember, you actually catch hold of the real formula for excellence when you do it yourself. That’s when analysis, understanding and realization happen. Only when you get up when you fall, you will understand the meaning of winning over your failures. You can certainly excel at what you want only when you do your part of doing, trying, practicing, exploring and learning. We all have dreams to improve our life but does it all happen if you merely talk and not act? If you want what you want then you got to do your share of hard work. Proficiency is obtained only when you work on it consistently. It is not an option at all!

Harold Egbert Camping proved through his actions rather through his words alone. The American Christian radio broadcaster, author and evangelist served as president of Family Radio and remained active until his death. He invited success by working hard and using the tool of action, practice and affirmed learning process. Known for predicting dates, he managed to bring in success into his life by his thoughtful deeds. The attitude of taking immediate action after deciding helped him make a difference.Conclusion: True success comes to you automatically when you deserve it. Do your part wholeheartedly, sincerely and dedicatedly and watch how success comes into your life as a reward given by the universe. However, every good deed is undoubtedly rewarded.


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