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July 22: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

All of us aspire to live quality life, accomplish our aims and achieve all our dreams. We all love to own a blessed life and bliss is respected and valued only when we have experienced pain. Success follows those who stand strong and face everything that gets into their lives. Find out how misery is turned into a blessing and how failure leads to success.

1. “One stubborn decision of yours shall decide your destiny.”

Inspiration From History All of us love to witness our lives getting changed and we wait for it with hope-filled eyes and positive hearts. But always remember, it is your responsibility to bring about a change. A clear and a strong step is sufficient to let you grow, succeed and better your life. Think about what exactly you want in life. Sit back, analyze and plan in order to accomplish what you want to successfully. It is your stubborn mindset to start that helps you proceed throughout your journey towards success. One decision to act can be a tool to change and give a special turn to your life. Stick to it irrespective of all circumstances. If you want to be looked upon as the best employee at your workplace, then you got to make the stubborn decision to produce quality work. If you are a student and you want to top the university, you got make a strong, clear and a stubborn decision to study. This stubborn decision can change your life only when to remember it, abide by it and work accordingly.

Licia Albanese never topped by just deciding but also made sure that the decision was strong enough for her to walk along the path that led to her destiny. The Italian-born American operatic soprano was very stubborn at every emotion of hers. The same served as the reason for her to become the leading artist with the Metropolitan Opera. The chairwoman of The Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation sang more than 300 songs, acted for over seven decades and still abided by her decisions to win.

2. “A little darkness is certainly required for the stars to glitter. In the same way, a little pain is indeed needed to taste success.”

Inspiration From History There is no gain without pain. You must know pain in order to know what gain all about is. Only when you undergo pain, you shall essentially respect gain. If a candle has to light the world, then it has to lose itself. Sacrificing its own body to illuminate the world is not an option for the melting candle which has tons of light, comfort, realization and guidance for millions of aspiring achievers to glow and roar success. If a candle ever thought that melting itself was pain, then it wouldn’t have been valued and looked upon as inspiration by the world; the world would remain in the dark. Many of us may think that the candle scored nothing by sacrificing itself and lighting the planet. The candle is immersed deep into the puddle of the world’s gratitude. All of us are grateful to it and we often try to follow its ideology to move towards success. The candle has gained success when a life has derived motivation, inspiration and guidance for betterment, from it. It has gained growth and reputation only because it took the pain of sacrificing itself.

Selman Waksman was an achiever who accepted and respected tears and happiness equally. The Jewish-American inventor, biochemist and microbiologist promoted the discovery of Streptomycin, and several other antibiotics. As a professor of biochemistry and microbiology at Rutgers University for four decades, he discovered over twenty antibiotics, a term which he coined, and introduced procedures that have led to the development of many others.

3. “The one who craves success, walks along its path irrespective of any hindrance and challenge which he/she gets to meet in life.”

Inspiration From History Always remember that when you want something or crave for something then you shall get it for sure. It is all because you will work hard to any extent, think in an apt way and not compromise on anything until you get your desires fulfilled. When we are thirsty, we surely end up wetting out throat with water somehow and anyhow. Even if every single source of water at home has got dried up, you shall walk out of your house and search for what you want. You would subconsciously bounce out of your comfort zone. Coming out of comfort zone doesn’t seem to be difficult at all when you really and badly want what you want. Similarly, if you want success to the same or greater extent, then you shall surely end up succeeding at all cost.

Rate of achieving success is proportional to the extent to which it is crave. Georg Wilhelm Richmann was prepared with walking all along the path of success all alone. The Baltic German physicist proved that thunder clouds contain electric charge. He strongly desired success. When you badly want something, you shall get it for sure. The elected member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences also worked on calorimetry and also tutored the children of Count Andrei Osterman.

4. “When you talk you reinforce what you already know but when you listen you would learn something new and so much more.”

Inspiration From History We grow more when we learn more. We learn more when we give space for a lot of lessons and knowledge to reach our minds. Further, these lessons turn into learnings when they accompany our thought process. A good listener is a great learner. When you listen, you get to learn lot more. It adds on to your existing knowledge, thinking abilities and skills. You share a lot about what you know when you speak. The world gets to learn ample from you when you talk. But, you shall learn ample when you listen to others who speak. You can continuously learn, update, grow and move forward in life when you make way for a lot of others’ experiences, thoughts and learnings seek place in your mind and heart.

Emma Lazarus looked for learning something new rather than just strengthening what she already knows. Deriving highly effective talking and unparalleled listening skills, the American poet and Georgist has inscribed her best known set of lyrics on a bronze plaque in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. To attain deeper and quality knowledge about whatever comes across; she wrote her own important poems and edited many adaptations of German poems. The important forerunner of the Zionist movement argued for the creation of a Jewish homeland thirteen years before Theodor Herzl began to use the term Zionism.

5. “When you fear, your confidence level naturally goes down. Knock success by facing your fears rather than pausing your journey.”

Inspiration From History Thinking and noting down all the possibilities and probabilities which includes negatives along with positives is very important and it is mandatory when you have to start of with anything. But make sure the negative probabilities do not turn into fears to engulf your confidence. The level of potential that you own has the ability to beat all the fears and help you stand beyond the hindrances and negative vibes. Fears actually help us act better and append quality attributes to our journey. When a simple journey from your house to your workplace itself has lot of challenges like traffic, speed breakers, humps and more, then how could you expect a journey of life to be a bed of rose petals? Facing fears and rocking your life by overcoming challenges would act as secrets for building your confidence and getting close to success.

Rose Kennedy never feared but started building confidence. The American philanthropist, centenarian and socialite had a special chance to learn and explore all the details about business. A strong attitude of accepting fears and moving ahead with failures would fetch success. After experiencing a very bad and horrible family experiences, she focused on building her life and making her own career. Rose depended heavily on medication depression; prescription tranquilizers Seconal, Placidyl, Librium, and Dalmane to relieve Rose's nervousness and stress, were found.Conclusion: Beyond every word of inspiration and motivation which has reached you through this article, the kind of thoughts which come into your life and the present mindset of yours decides every bit about how you are going to receive the further part of what life has to offer you.


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