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July 27: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

All of us dream but very few successfully make their dreams come true. What is it that those few have and many don’t? Only an achiever’s life can essentially and clearly depict all of what is required to gain success and bring all our dreams true. Read on and learn more about it.

1. “Be ultra careful while dealing with reality. Don’t even trust your eyes or ears until you personally and consciously check twice.”

Inspiration From History Reality is like an ocean. You never know how deep it is until you dive into it. All of us are different; our thoughts and tastes never coincide. Perceptions change, views overlap and the way each of us perceives is also totally different. When every aspect of us differs from another, you cannot really rely upon the conclusions and decisions made by others. Certain issues which you feel are important and deeply serious may not be the same for others. Personally measuring and acting thoroughly with clarity and understanding would always help you gain and use wisdom. If world has positivity in it then it is sure to have something negative in it too. Never trust anyone and plan based on someone else’s analysis before you get in and explore.

Gary Gygax , American game designer and author trusted his self more than anybody else in the society. He respected everyone’s opinions and conclusions but he would come to a decision only after he studied, analyzed and introspected. He created an organization of wargaming clubs and founded the Gen Con gaming convention and helped develop Chainmail. He ensured perfection and measured progress by carefully learning, correcting and implementing his actions, skills and lessons.

2. “Live your life as if it is the last day of you. In this way you can never miss out on anything which you want to excel in life.”

Inspiration From History When you do anything, do it to the fullest and ensure you meet satisfaction and contentment. You shall prominently do so only when you feel that you are doing it for the last time. When you consciously feel that you shall not be doing a particular task ever again in your life, you will automatically pour in quality, completeness, excellence and love into it. Since you know that you are doing it for the last time, you will be ultra careful and you will also not miss out on any minute detail. If you are a speaker and if you consider every speech of yours as your last speech, then don’t you think you will try, strive and work hard to make ever speech of yours to be the best one. You will rock, excel and radiate inspiration through every word that you speak. That is what life is all about!

Jean Baudrillard craved to add entirety and excellence to whatever he did. The French sociologist, philosopher, cultural theorist, political commentator, and photographer is best known for his analyses of media, contemporary culture, and technological communication. He wrote about diverse cultures, matters and issues. Holding the pride of having written many famous and heart-winning write-ups, he formulated ways which facilitated better understanding and he gave his best to add a tinge of eloquence.

3. “Remember, it is you who is your best friend because only you can help yourself during every tough circumstance and situation.”

Inspiration From History Situation may be any, circumstance may be any and instance may be any, the only soul that guides you, helps you and accompanies you is none other than you. Stick to your heart; listen to caring and loving bits of advices and words that your soul utters. Following the inner voice and depending on yourself would further help you gain positivity. Eventually, you will fly high in the air of success and show the world that you’re equally potent as what other achievers are. Not everybody in the universe shall help you by providing purest and non-contaminated advices. However, a thin sense of competition naturally pinches people and prevents them from completely lending their hands for favors. Depend on yourself because expert advice is what is preferred over that of others’. You can help yourself better than anybody in this world and you can get greater amount of quality assistance when you consult yourself.

Ted Whitten relied on himself and looked within himself for any kind of assistance. He lived his life by his own terms which always lifted him up. He took focused on his mind, thoughts and heart and often listened to his inner voice for help and guidance. Always abiding by his true heart, the Australian rules footballer represented Footscray in the Victorian Football League. He was one of twelve inaugural Legends and was voted as a captain.

4. “You become a leader not when you control others but when you think in simple ways to help people in order to build them.”

Inspiration From History A leader is the one who doesn’t dominate but the one who simply thought the simple terms called ‘helping people.’ Raising a personality is a huge responsibility and none other than a leader has the potential to accept, deal with sand excel at fulfilling such responsibilities. Amidst the dignity and powers hidden in the label of a leader, a leader often looks into a person to nurture its positivity, grow, model and build his/her personality. You don’t even have to do anything; your way of life, your achievements, your mistakes, your emotions and everything that made your life is more than enough to transform the world into that of achievers. A leader does not have to speak, motivate or command others to follow your track. The world shall walk along your track all by itself.

John Seigenthaler never dominated yet, he channelled the world towards his ideologies thereby, nourishing it with optimism. The American journalist, writer, and political figure was a prominent defender of First Amendment rights. He started as a police beat reporter at a newspaper and also served as a founding editorial director of USA Today. The dedicated journalist further learnt and understood what the world is by studying and analyzing the minds of the people around. He then saw the world following his way of life.

5. “Everybody has immense potential. You are greatly valued and respected if you utilize a little more than what everybody does.”

Inspiration From History All of us are blessed with equal and immense potential. But what differs is the amount of potential which each of us use. Out of all the incomparable and immeasurable energy which we have, we hardly even use around 5 percent of it. The genius of the geniuses of the planet use only 10 percent of what is available. If we can do lots by using just 5 to 10 percent of all the potential which we are blessed with, then just imagine how much can be done by using more than what we are using presently. We cannot even get a glimpse of how we can perform and change the planet. An organized and a disciplined life plays a very important role in enhancing our life by increasing the rate of using our potential.

Garry Davis was just like anybody else in the world when he started his journey towards growth. He realized the amount of strength and potential which he was blessed with only when started discovering it by using it bit by bit. The international peace activist created the World Passport and had worked as a Broadway stage actor. Serving as an American bomber pilot, he proved that any ordinary being can add an’ extra’ to that ‘ordinary’ by utilizing a little more potential than others.Conclusion: We all are to grow and achieve. We are given a responsibility to pave a path for millions of aspiring achiever to walk, learn and celebrate. Keep this essential fact in mind and go ahead without a look back. Decide now and act immediately. We wish you the very best.


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