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July 3: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Creating a world full of achievers and optimizing the society is what we all dream of. In fact, it is our responsibility to make this dream come true. Read these wonder-creating lines and help the world move towards success.

1. “Your dreams hold your hands and take you to your destiny of success. The more you dream the more you achieve.”

Inspiration From History
Remember that life is nothing without dreams. It is just a plain and empty canvas which has nothing in it and is nothing. Just know that if there are no dreams in life then it means that there is nothing which can direct your life or keep it going. It is similar to a journey without a destination. Dream to create a destiny; dream to realize your purpose of life. Dream to understand where you have to head towards. Dream because dreams act as a medium for you to achieve what you are here for. Dreams light your dark walk and torch the success which you got to achieve. They remind you about your responsibilities and give shape to your life; just like how a father holds his daughter’s hands and takes her forward, dreams guide you and take you forward.

S V Ranga Rao blindly followed his dreams to reach where he was destined to. The Indian film actor, director and producer was noted for his works in Telugu and Tamil cinema. He was one of the finest Indian method actors with various National Honors, International honors and awards. His dream was to act and he developed a natural acting style to portray complex social, biographical, and mythological characters. Not giving a second thought, he achieved what he was born for by sincerely following his dreams.

2. “It is the cherry on the cake that gives beauty to the entire piece of cake. In the same way, it is your victory that makes your life beautiful and meaningful.”

Inspiration From History
Be the one who is born to win. Everybody on this earth is living their lives. Everyday there are millions who are born and millions who die. Out of the zillions who live their lives on this planet, why not all of them are remembered? Why don’t all are followed and why not all the live are respected? Those who are respected, looked upon and remembered are called achievers. They are the set of people who’ve lived differently and imprinted a decoration of victory which highlighted their life. Living is what everyone does but how you live is what makes you great. Cakes with same flavor, same essence, and same taste indicate the lives of all of us- humans. Few among them which have the cherry at their tops stand out and look different. They indicate the lives of achievers who’ve decorated their lives with the cherries of success. Cherries prettify the cake and success makes our lives meaningful.

George M Cohan lived differently among others and he lived more differently among the achievers. Proving the fact that achievements make each of our lives beautiful and meaningful, the American entertainer, playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, singer, dancer and producer was called the father of American musical comedy. His musical life acted as the cherry on his cake called journey. Called the man who owned Broadway, he wrote and wrote and soon started writing professionally.

3. “If you think that your life is tough then run a marathon and run the next one even faster. Life isn’t tough; we look at it that way.”

Inspiration From History
We often feel that the challenge which we face is the toughest one in the world; we sometimes feel that there is nothing as horrible as what we go through and we even wish that let others not get troubled by the troubles which we got. But it’s time to expand our horizon and think over the prospect. When you feel low and when you feel that your life is the hardest and most unblessed, look around and see the people on the street. Look at the beggars and labors who struggle every minute for their daily bread. Now tell yourself, how better your life is. Don’t you now feel that your life is not as hard as what theirs’ is? Cheer yourself up by making yourself aware about the difficulties and hurdles which the world around you faces. Tell yourself that the life which you are leading is incomparably better and easy in order to encourage yourself. Hard life can melt easily by the way you receive the it. It is tough if you feel so. But it is very simple if you believe that it is.

According to Ferdinand Sauerbruch , life was neither tough nor easy. Rather than judging and measuring the level of difficulty and ease, he developed the Sauerbruch chamber, a pressure chamber for operating on the open thorax. This invention was a breakthrough in thorax medicine and allowed heart and lung operations to take place at greatly reduced risk. He never relaxed as his life got tougher. Instead, he worked harder and quickly attained an international reputation and operated on many prominent patients.

4. “The only thing that you can carry with you while you leave this world is the integrity of happiness which you’ve earned by giving and helping others.”

Inspiration From History
Always have a giver’s hand! No matter to what height you grow, to what extent you achieve or to what depth you dive, you are always respected, looked upon and admired for the quality of life you live. You are first accepted as a person and then as a professional. Develop a ‘growing together’ attitude and do your part to create the world which you dream of. There is more of misery than happiness, pain than ecstasy and grievance than joy in this world. How can we grow and succeed and proceed towards light in our life while the world lives in the darkness of negativity? Our achievements get their real meaning when they help at least one life to come into light. We may be born empty handed but we are not going to leave the world with empty hands; we shall take along with us, the rewards that our good deeds have given us, the blessings that the smiles which we’ve brought have showered upon us and the purest form of happiness.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman was respected and the world was grateful for the kind of deeds and works which she did. The prominent American feminist, sociologist, novelist, writer of short stories poetry, and nonfiction, and a lecturer for social reform was a utopian feminist and served as a role model for future generations of feminists. She took back the assets of happiness, love and pride when she left the physical world.

5. “If you really want to succeed then commit yourself to constant learning, consistent improvement and quality attempts.”

Inspiration From History
Gaining success is not easy at all. When walking along the path leading to it is itself not easy, how can success be achieved at ease? We got to earn what we want and not just get it. If you want to be the first one to cross the finish line then along with running fast, you got to focus, stick onto the path, concentrate on what you got to do after each step you take and believe that you are the winner. Apart from what you do and how you behave at the time of race, you also need to put ample amounts of efforts much before the race. Life is also a race of a similar kind. You got to win it by learning constantly, improving consistently and committing yourself wholeheartedly in all that you do.

Alfred Korzybski really wanted to succeed and he eventually developed a field called general semantics. The Polish-American independent scholar lived as if he was born to succeed, achieve and lead the world with his ideas. Giving life to an entirely separate and distinct field of general semantics was a result of this same. In order to satisfy his hunger to learn, he appended quality attributes to his attempts. He is well known for his dictum is "The map is not the territory". Conclusion: It is when you are stuck in the middle of your journey, trying hard to proceed forward and when you want invite success into your life, that these guiding elements and statements offer a helping hand to lift you up. So, continue to read such inspirational stories to excel at your lives ahead.


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