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July 4: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Each one of us are born unique. These unique qualities can create wonders and miracles when portrayed onto the screens of reality. Glance through this write-up to know how peculiarities of the following 5 distinct achievers laid achievements in their lives. Read on!

1. “Be a self-starter. Don’t wait for seen or unseen forces to drive you towards success.”

Inspiration From History
You are supposed to live your life. It’s your life and your way; you got to reach your destiny all alone. Getting into others vehicle, asking them to drop you to destination doesn’t really help you in reaching where you actually have to. Moreover, achieving what you want to is a challenge offered to you and to others. If your dream and want to make your dreams come true, than you got to start now. Whatever may be the situation, however hard may be the circumstance and whichever may be the condition, a start must happen somehow, somewhere and sometime. It is not an option dear reader. Always remember that it is purely you who is supposed to make your life. So go on and move on! There is nothing that helps you start your journey. Only you got to help yourself to start the journey of success.

Alluri Sitarama Raju was responsible enough to give a kick start to an achiever’s life all by him. He was an Indian revolutionary involved in the Indian independence movement. He led the society and fought against the wrong. It was his urge to establish righteousness and found positivity which enabled him to get serious at what he was supposed to do and win. He supported, encouraged and abided by his decisions to eradicate the evil. He guided and led the protests against the British Raj.

2. “If you are not happy with your life than change your thoughts. We always think what we look for.”

Inspiration From History
Our thoughts lead us, direct us and equip us. Our actions are all mirror images of what we think. Thinking is doing things mentally and acting is doing them physically. What we want in life, what we search and look for is what our minds usually think. It is your aspirations that drive your mind and shape your thought process. When the whole purpose of living life is to succeed, there is an immense need for you to think, frame your ideologies and formulate your thought process. Our minds reflect our physical existence. If you are looking for ways to achieve then remember that you will automatically directed towards views, perspectives and thoughts which fetch you and lead you towards what you want.

Gulzarilal Nanda never sat idle just because the society was not happy. He himself put forth actions to change and improve the world. The Indian politician and economist specialized in labor issues. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award for working as a research scholar on labor problems. Serving as the Prime Minister of India for two short periods, he joined the Indian Non-Cooperation Movement against the British Raj. He was imprisoned for Satyagraha but this never stopped him from thinking in terms of how to bring about change and peace in his nation.

3. “Say ‘it is possible’ and not ‘it is not impossible.’ The universe cannot understand your not’s.”

Inspiration From History
The arts of being positive, speaking positive, think positive and doing something positive are also arts. The universe may be the controller and director of all of us. But it doesn’t have intellectuality. Intelligence and integrity are the assets which are exclusively ours. In order to stick to positivity, learning using a special form of vocabulary called optimized vocabulary is very important. As said, the nature doesn’t know the no’s and the not’s, it is very important to stick to purity and positivity essentially. When you get a new problem in your life which you got to solve, welcome it saying it is not a problem but a new challenge which you got to win. This indeed cheers you up and prepares you to move ahead in life. In this way, you got to change and improvise your vocabulary and the way you speak in order to master the art of positivism.

Pauline Phillips raised a very positive set of speaking skills to communicate with her mind. She knew that the nature doesn’t understand the not’s. She relied on the vocabulary which her mind and heart interpreted as a motivational push to carry on with things. The American advice columnist and radio show host who launched the Dear Abby column, her own dream column in the newspaper. it was because she reminded herself that everything is possible, she could bear and move on with the hardships which every women would face while raising her venture.

4. “The key made of hard work, commitment and perseverance opens the doors of success which were locked by pessimism, darkness and false beliefs.”

Inspiration From History
You yourself serve as a solution for everything that seems to be a problem. At the same time, you are the reason for what happens in your life too. It means that your actions define the reactions. You are responsible for founding success into your life and proving yourself. Success is not far away from you at all. It is all there right where you are; but it is locked up. It is your duty to unlock and enjoy the integrity of your life. But the challenge lies in opening the doors of success. The key is right with you. You got to activate it by working hard on whatever you do. Making strong decisions and abiding by them, putting forth determined and thoughtful ideas and answers and filling your spirit with optimism and truth would help you knock success.

Realizing that she was blessed with all the abilities required to create a key to open the doors of success, Henrietta Swan Leavitt worked hard, committed himself and filled in determination in her life and all that he did. It was this American astronomer who discovered and measured the distance between the Earth and faraway galaxies. Though she received little recognition, she succeeded in letting her ideas and discoveries as a basis for the future astronomers to learn from.

5. “Just know that there is something called willpower residing in you which is greater than all the obstacles which you get to face.”

Inspiration From History
Always remember that no challenge, problem or an obstacle is greater than you. We think that ants are only the smallest but the materials which it carries to build its house are smaller. What makes life is always smaller than who lives the life. You got to believe this fact not just to relax yourself but also to chase away your problems. Remember, your willpower and energy melts all of the problems which have entered your life. Your courage and spirit helps you jump over all the obstacles to reach what you’ve focused on. You are a weapon yourself. Understand yourself, look into yourself, highlight your strengths and see how you can tackle anything that slows or stops your journey. Staying strong always helps you win. Bringing your power into light drives you forward towards success. You only got to make your mind up firmly to believe that there is no problem which is bigger than your willpower.

Robert King Merton was rich in willpower to receive life and face it. The American sociologist spent most of his career by teaching. He was awarded the National Medal of Science for his contributions to the field and for having founded the sociology of science. Problems were always a part of his life. If he grew to this extent then it was only because he utilized his strengths to overcome all his obstacles. Having founded the sociology of science, he is considered a founding father of modern sociology. Conclusion: Life is about achieving and adding meaning to it. It is definitely not to just live and leave. If you are born on this planet, then it means that you’ve been given an opportunity to imprint the world with the essence of your unique qualities.


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