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July 6: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

All of us lives and dies someday. What you do as long as you stay here on this planet is what matters. In order to guide you and lead you in this aspect, go through these eye-opening lessons which are sure to ignite your life.

1. “The quintessential ingredient for heading towards success is to dream big. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.”

Inspiration From History
Our life is based on our dreams. Dreams color the life we lead and show us where exactly we are and where exactly we got to reach. Dreams direct us and helps us head towards success. Can you even imagine your life without dreams in it? What would you even do if you hadn’t dreamt? Where would you even go? Remember that we live according to what we want to have and behave according to how we want to, which are purely decided by our dreams. Only when a below-average student dreams to become the topper of the class, he/she will study hard and achieve it. How would even the student spend his/her student life if he/she never dreamt about desires? The dream of becoming a class topper is indeed a small one. The student now dreams to top the university. Dreams always give a shape add meaning to the life which we live. Dreaming big is the solution and the most important ingredient to achieve success easily.

Stamford Raffles nurtured hell lot of big dreams just to go forward and live his as an achiever. Along with dreaming, he made dreams his master and founded Singapore. The British statesman, Lieutenant-Governor of British Java and Governor-General of Bencoolen contributed to the expansion of the British Empire. In order to expand his horizon in terms of achieving more, he wrote a book titled The History of Java.

2. “Never be judgmental. Let’s discover our lives before we judge the society.”

Inspiration From History
We have nothing to do with others’ lives. When we ourselves are not perfect and right many times, to what extent is it right to talk about others, comment or criticize their opinions and to put forth our conclusions or opinions derived from what you see superficially? We all complain about the society we live in; we judge the world and easily frame opinions. So, never judge. The less you judge, the more you can walk towards discovering your life. A worker for daily wages works as supplier in the hotel all day long. But they are paid very less. And the manager of the hotel who doesn’t do a lot of physical work is paid higher. Here, each task is considered unique and is respected individually. If the worker ever judged the manager’s work based on the number rounds one has to take to supply food on time then nothing would fall right. The worker chose to work well and make his life a better one. Before you judge, never forget one thing, you are also essentially a part of the society which you judge.

Vatroslav Jagić concentrated entirely on mending, molding and discovering his life. The prominent Croatian scholar of Slavic studies never judged others and came to conclusions. Instead, he took steps towards establishing a change. Having a particular interest in philology, he respected this interest and was lectured in Slavic studies. He wanted to learn more and continued his studies and defended his doctoral dissertation. He became a professor of Slavic studies.

3. “Fill your needs first! You got to make yourself fit before you try to make the world, a fit one.”

Inspiration From History
Helping yourself must always be your priority. Only when you follow the right you can ask the world to, by all means; only when you walk along the path leading to success and when you stick to it, you can guide all those who aspire to succeed. You got learn, walk through the struggles, bear the pain and strengthen yourself against everything that makes you weak, you will understand what exactly life is all about. When you feel the difficulties, you will celebrate you victory in a better manner. If you have to or want to guide the world in order to turn everyone in it into achievers, then you got to be an achiever yourself. Only a cook can make another, a better cook. Similarly, only when you walk and face the journey of success, you can deliver lessons and make the world to successfully complete its journey. You need to equip yourself before you try to equip the world and move towards sanctity.

Colonel George Stanley helped himself first. He believed and followed the fact that unless you are fine, you cannot be a reason to make this world fine as you are also a part of this world. The Canadian historian, author, soldier, teacher, public servant rose high when he designed the current Canadian flag. He never stopped after achieving so much. He continued to research, write, read manuscripts, review books, give interviews and talks and encourage young scholars. He remained active publically even after retiring.

4. “Be a good listener. Only a good listener turns out to be a good learner.”

Inspiration From History
The primary and preliminary requirement for a learning process to begin is to listen. Listening is what enables you to grasp, understand and analyze the whole of what you have to learn. Half of the learning is already done when you listen. Listening is different from hearing. Don’t just hear but listen when you hear. Listen to all as it forms a base for you to introspect yourself and learn things easily. This helps you not just bring about a change but to actually form a change. Learning happens when concentration and focus are not comprised. It is the concentration and focus that makes listening. During an aptitude test, if you just hear the question and not listen to it or if you don’t listen well, then do you think you can answer well? The main and the basic idea strikes your mind the minute you listen to the problem. This is how you learn better.

Vince McMahon was an aspiring learner. He started by becoming a good listener. He never heard- that is, he never looked at problems superficially. But, he listened- that is, he went deep into them. The American professional wrestling promoter keenly listened to what’s on demand and that’s how he started for running the Capitol Wrestling Corporations. This was subsequently named as World Wide Wrestling Federation and currently named, WWE.

5. “Speak well of others. What you speak decides your mentality.”

Inspiration From History
The words which come out of your mouth are reflections of what your mind thinks. It’s very natural! We tend to speak what runs in our mind. If you talk something negative then it shows the level of negativity in your mind. If you are positive, it means that you have an optimistic heart. When do you talk well of others? It is only when you find good in them. When do you find good in people? It is only when you search and look for it. And who looks for it? Only those whose minds and hearts are clear, positive, open and accepting-natured. Looking at the positive side of others, learning and following the same helps you not just to clean your thoughts and screen your mind from pessimism. But, it also helps you learn and better the aspect in which you see things, measure and judge them. Words once spoken are gone into air. You can never get them back. When one negative word of yours reaches the person whom you spoke about, imagine what would happen. Also remember that someone else may also speak something bad about you and the same may happen to you too.

Merv Griffin Jr tenderly focused on what and how he addressed, thought and spoke about others irrespective of their presence or absence. The American television host and media mogul began his career as a radio and big band singer who went on to appear in film and on Broadway. It wasn’t easy to control words, support the right and respect the deserving in the world of media. Yet striking to his principles, he created the internationally popular game shows such as Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. Conclusion: More than reading inspiration, go on and use this inspiration which you’ve got to learn, live and succeed. You and your story may become a source of inspiration for others tomorrow. You got to chose to act!


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