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July 9: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

We dream to own the costliest car and the most prettiest villa. We all love to become millionaires but millionaires are not those who have millions of money. They are those have millions of success lessons within them. Meet such wonderful millionaires who can guide you all throughout. Read on!

1. “Stay back and feed the soil before you go and grab the fruit.”

We dream to go up to the peak of the mountain bearing success. You cannot just directly reach the top all at once. You got to start right from the scratch and climb every step up the mountain. When you don’t work hard, face the tough track that takes you to success and complete your journey of experiencing life to the fullest, there is no point in dreaming to taste the fruit of success. Mother has the greatest right to stay with her child. It is because, she looked after, nurtured, wished and prayed for and loved her little one. She carried and guarded the baby in her womb before the baby was introduced to the world. So, it is she who is supposed to get the complete right to take care of the child all throughout. Only when you feed the soil with minerals, water and fertilizers, only when you love the plant which is growing and when you take care of it thoroughly, you get the opportunity to taste the fruit which it bears.

K Balachander dreamt of the fruit of success. He formulated his path to move towards success. The Indian filmmaker was a playwright who worked mainly in the Tamil film industry. He carved art of film-making and was well known for his distinct film-making style and the Indian film industry knew him as a master of unconventional themes and hard-hitting contemporary subject matter. He contributed to nearly 100 feature films either as a screenwriter or director, thus becoming one of the most prolific filmmakers in the country.

2. “Achievers are those who control their mind and not let their minds to control them.”

Never forget to start your day with positive affirmations. Gaining control over your mind is nothing but controlling what you think. When you are drenched in heavy loads of work or when you have a lot to complete in very little time, you got to believe in your inner sense of consciousness and keep telling yourself that everything is possible as long as you stick on to the belief, subconsciously. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of us don’t really take care of our minds. Without our knowledge we deviate and our thoughts get diverted easily. This is pretty common. But if it continues, then you definitely cannot concentrate on what you are onto the fullest and achieve what you have to. Always remember that you got to abide by the positivity and fill it in our minds as mind power is what is going to make us win. Think what you want and never become what you don’t want to think about.

Elias Howe, Jr. mastered the art of controlling the kind of thoughts which scrolled in his mind. The American inventor spent his childhood and early adult years in Massachusetts where he apprenticed in a textile factory. Gradually thinking big, he dreamt of inventing the sewing machine. Not all who dream can achieve because, directing our mind seems more important than anything. Working as a mechanic, Howe originated significant refinements to the design concepts of his machine and was awarded the first United States patent.

3. “Change your attitude to the sense of gratitude to help better yourself.”

Right attitude depicts our character. What we do to win and how we behave after winning is really very important. If you win and bag an achievement today, it means that there are millions who are to be respected and thanked. The millions of unseen hands push us towards our victory. Our part is to make up our mind, strongly decide and make sure that your hard work takes you closer towards success. But nothing grows all alone. We are responsible for the growth. Never forget the roots which have held you high today. Never forget the thread which is the channel and source of support which makes the kite fly high in the sky. You may draw the skeletal sketch on your canvas of life but it is the world that adds colors to create a beautiful portrait called success in your life. Thank all those you contributed directly or indirectly to success. Show some gratitude and thank them regularly.

Carlos Chagas, a Brazilian sanitary physician, scientist and bacteriologist wouldn’t have grown and succeeded up to this extent if he forgot the hands which supported him. He worked as a clinician and researcher and Chagas disease, also called American trypanosomiasis. He is remembered till date as his work holds a unique place in the history of medicine. It was the people who gave him the opportunities by believing that made way for him to grow.

4. “The hot air balloon flies as high as possible only until it is filled with gases. We fly high to occupy the clouds of success as long as we are filled with confidence.”

The life we lead is based on what our character is. Just how the balloon shoots itself high up into the air when it gets the right fuel fueled into it, we humans who aspire to succeed also fly high up into the galaxy of success as long as we are fueled with confidence. The foundation for anyone to succeed is confidence. Nothing can stop the balloon; it rises higher and higher and never looks down. Let our hearts experience this immense lightness by straining and draining out all the red marks, black holes and negativities. This eventually makes room for and stabilizes confidence which the most important ingredient to fly and keep flying in the sky of success.

Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn was full of confidence when he started and retained the same amount of confidence during his journey and at the end as well. The Dutch mathematician, noted for his many contributions in the fields of analysis, number theory, combinatorics and logic started his academic career as a professor. Irrespective of whatever happened in his life, he never gave up. He in fact, focused on increasing the level of confidence to fly higher and higher into success.

5. “Let your dreams and the ways to achieve them keep your mind off of all the negativity.”

Ask yourself to keep reminding you that you are here for a purpose. The purpose is nothing but to grow, achieve succeed and make a positive mark on the world. How and when do you grow, achieve and succeed? It is only when you take your life seriously. Distractions, diversions and deviations are common. In fact, life seems to be abnormal if they are absent, in today’s world. Living in such a world and leading life in itself is a big achievement. Forget about walking decision, you cannot even decide properly as the negative vibes, floods of down gradation, waves of criticism and condemnation and discouragements try to stop us. But the best part is they can only try to stop us but not really stop as long as we are stubborn in our mindsets. When you know that the purpose is the achieve all your dreams, then let your dreams and the path which you got to travel to bring your dreams true, completely embrace your mind and yourself so that no negativity can take you away from success.

Minor White was a trademark for focus and concentration. He was clear about what he wanted and knew where he was heading towards. The American photographer, theoretician, critic and educator combined an intense interest in how people viewed and understood photographs with a personal vision. White made thousands of black-and-white and color photographs of landscapes, people and abstract subject matter and contributed immensely to photography during his time. Conclusion: Always remember that your life is considered valid only when you make use of it to the fullest to achieve what you want to. Success is the ultimate source which creates your identity. Make sure you make the best identity of yours by succeeding to the best possible.


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