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Education for Transformation : An Inspiring Journey of Hansraj Surana

A person can change his fortunes through sustained efforts and if a person continues on the right path, he can change the fortunes of others also.
Hansraj Surana had a very difficult childhood. His family was settled in Eastern India, which got partitioned into Eastern Pakistan and eventually into Bangladesh. His family suffered heavily in the process. There was acute financial crisis. Mr. Surana thought that the only option for him to survive and grow was through education. He studied Mining Engineering and got appointment in Coal India Ltd. His job gave him all that he needed to achieve his dreams. From acute financial crisis to a life of his dreams - the time changed and the situations completely transformed. The life of struggle gave many lessons to Mr. Surana. The biggest lesson that he got was that through education and skills, one can change one’s destiny.
Education for Transformation
Mr. Surana applied his learning in his life. Wherever he meets any person, he encourages that person to study and obtain technical expertise. Mr. Surana has transformed lives of countless students through his initiatives. Mr. Surana spends his savings in supporting those students who are undergoing financial crisis. The initiatives of Mr. Surana has enabled transformation of family situation in many homes.

There was a peon who served Mr. Surana. Mr. Surana supported his children in their education. The support enabled those children to obtain very high qualifications and expertise. They are not well established executives earning good money. However, the peon still works with Mr. Surana – not so much for the need of money, but for the love, care and support that he gets from Mr. Surana. Whereever Mr. Surana got transferred, the peon moved to that place and worked with Mr. Surana.

Mr. Surana is now 70+ but he enjoys motivating and inspiring youth for education and he gets plenty of such opportunities. He is proud to see the amazing transformation in families that he supported. He tried to help the society. The support process works well and reverts back. Mr. Surana got tremendous support from the society back. When he got retired from Coal India Ltd., he got many opportunities from the private sector and therefore he had to work for another ten years in a senior management role in a company. He gets plenty of calls from societies, NGOs and trusts and is currently an important office bearer of a not-for profit organization. Life is but a drop in the oceon
A drop – can become a drop of nector
A drop can bring life for many
A drop can even change the life

Lets embrace the drop to its full
Lets give shape to the drop
Let the drop take the right shape
Lets transform ourselves

The journey towards perfection
The fragrance of ecstasy and joy
Small is not insignificant
Small steps can take you to heights

Perfection of small be our journey
Spread our fragrance
Embrace others
Enable them

A chance to help is a chance to glow
Lets celebrate every moment
Lets venerate every initiative

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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