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I make a wish

Every time I look at the stars and enjoy its sparkle
I wish you would be near me and hold me close and tickle.

Every time I see a lovely couple standing by
I wish you would be next to me holding my hands tight.

Every time I hear the church bells ring
I wish u were kneeling next to me and praying with me for a while.

Every time I am depressed
I wish you would be near me patting my back and saying all will be fine.

Every time I hear the patter of rains
I wish you would be next to me dancing in the rain and laughing aloud.

Every time I want to play
I wish you would be the on the other side passing the ball.

Every time I pen down my thoughts
I wish you would be the first one to read and share your thoughts.

Every time I make a wish
I wish you would be Here

You are miles apart from me
Yet you remain in my heart

Far or near
Now and forever

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Sonal Lobo
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