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If a mirror could talk..

They made me all shiny and bright,
They told me to always reflect the light,
But I have failed in what I was set to do,
For every smile I get, I see tears too.

If A Mirror Could Talk
You show me scars, they run deep,
They're covered under long sleeves,
You feel fear, guilt and shame,
Anxiety kicks in, then anger and pain.

But all I see is a warrior in you,
Still fighting your way through,
It's easier to go but harder to stay,
If I had a voice,that's what I would say.

One day, I wish you can view,
Those wonderful things inside you,
I hope it will put your mind at ease,
And set all your inhibitions free.

That is why God made those eyes,
Real mirrors that are pure from lies,
They are the windows to your soul,
They reflect the truth like I don't.

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Keerthana Udupa
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