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Ran I Ran

Ran I in haste to chase and to chase
No respite, for fatigue should not dawn upon
Hurry Up! Brace Up!
For there is no time to Waste.
Kill the doubts, if dubious you are
Run you must and fast enough
take a lead, for there are countless others
Life & Race
Be submissive and never question
Till you reach at the top, they said all
And they said so and so as I heeded
Commuted I far and far-away from self
Not let them down, I must a thought heavy

I reached the top of cardinality
Armistice shall accord now
Respit shall follow with peace embraced
Breathe I took deep with my eyes closed
to assimilate my triumph,
to revive the wounds ignored-they must heal now

I opend my eyes with sigh,
and saw them coming-
running as they were told
"Run you must, and fast enough" - lingered
And I ran .......

Ran fast, in haste
To be a victor again,
For my triumph shall make a history
A virtuous testament of Human Greed.

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