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8 Travel tips That Will Help Save You Time and Money in 2017

Travelling is perhaps the most trending and alluring activity of our age. Our social media is brimming with pictures and videos related to people’s travels that are now accompanied with hashtags which help the tech-savvy in pushing their posts right on top of the global search list. Here's how you can save time & money for all your travel dreams.
The activities related to travelling have become so popular that travel agents are making towering profits and the enthusiasts are ready to blindly agree with the demanded rates. But for those of us who save their hard-earned money for months or even years in order to make our travelling dreams come true have to make sure that each dollar spent gets us a valuable return. Saving money is an art which very few can master. Here, we list down some of the easiest ways to help you save your money and time for your next voyage:

1. Make use of travel apps

Travel Tips for 2017
The way we begin our travel planning is a journey in itself, before the main journey. What to shop, which places to visit, how to rent a car, how to keep account of your money; the list has only just begun. But what if you were given a companion, someone who takes negligible place and won’t even annoy you throughout your journey, to help you take care of this lengthy list of essentials? That is exactly how travel apps help you in organizing your journey. All you need to do is to keep inputting your list of to-dos on a regular basis and the app stores this in its memory. You can even set reminders in case you are one of those who are tied up with hectic and stressful schedules. Give it a unique title so that you get a fresh splash of memories every time you visit this tab. And among the most renowned travel apps are Wanderlust and Tripit. However, you can feel free to choose one from this list of top travel apps selected by Forbes.

2. Do tons of research

Something that will help you when everything else lets you down is your research. If you are visiting a country that is rich for its heritage, then a quick recap on its history will give you valuable insight on what places you must visit. Same applies to places that are popular for its beaches or natural beauty or shopping destinations. Research will also help you avoid embarrassing and panicky situations in places that have people who are not very welcoming towards foreigners. You could learn a word or two in the local language to keep yourself safe. And just in case you are planning to learn a completely new language, then you can find various deals on learning courses offered by Rosetta Stone at that can help you go a long way in your pursuit.

3. Prepare a budget

Travel Tips for 2017
AND KINDLY STICK TO IT! No matter what. If we are looking at somewhere around 2000 Australian Dollars (excluding the cost of flight tickets), then your target expenditure must be set at 1500. This way you might exceed 1500 but will never cross 2000. And bear one thing in mind, your cost of resettling once you’re back from your vacation is quite a significant one. You may not realize, but you will end up purchasing a complete basket of groceries to restart your usual life. For such situations, you need to make sure you prepare a wise budget and stick to it strictly.

4. Choose off peak seasons

Because, why not? It’s a well-known fact that the cost of air tickets and entertainment activities sky-rocket during designated holiday seasons. And this differs from region to region. In order to make most of your money, choose dates that do not fall in the peak holiday season of the country you are travelling to. You will be surprised to learn that your total travel bills could cut down by almost half of what it would cost you to travel in a packed season.Needless to say, business owners are open to bargain during times when business is low. Use it to your benefit.

5. Shopping

Kill that ‘shop till you drop’ way of thinking. The world has become so globalized that what is manufactured in a tiny workshop in Beijing is found on a fancy shelf in Sydney! You get everything, almost everywhere. Be it shopping for yourself or souvenirs and gift items for your loved ones. Keep your list as short as possible. Even if you fail to buy something for other, relax, people will understand. With time.

6. Food

Travel Tips for 2017
There are several ways of saving on your food expenditures. If you are travelling for only a few days, then you can pack foodstuff from the departmental store near your house depending on the expiry dates. For example, bread items, fruits and biscuits can easily last for more than a week. Among fruits, you can choose those that can survive the wrath of climate change. For example, apples, pomegranates, oranges and limes will survive for a good amount of time before they perish. These items not only help you in saving money at your destination food, they are also high in nutrients to keep you healthy and less hungry. And in case you have forgotten to bring any foodstuff with you, then you can skip individual meals and have two meals at one time at an affordable hotel. Combine breakfast with lunch and enjoy a simple yet heavy brunch instead.

7. In-land transport

In most countries, public transport is cheap and most prevalent. Instead of hiring a chauffeur or renting a car, you can use other transportation sources like public transport and car pooling services. This way you get to meet with a lot of people and learn a lot about their culture while at the same time imparting the culture of the place you come from.

8. Travel light

This is the most essential tip among the 7 mentioned above. Coming straight to the point, one should make sure that his travel bag is as light as possible. It makes no sense to lift around a travel bag that weighs around 30 Kgs when you know actually don’t need it.. Only keep the most important clothes and accessories inside your bag. Most people pack their bags like they are leaving the city.

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