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This orphan woman fights the DEMON that possibly could take over the earth

Koriander Bullard writes 'Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter' based on series of Dreams she had as a child. She dreams of various demons who could possibly take over the planet earth and how she fights them all. Read ON!
Koriander Bullard Books

1. What inspired you to write this book?
Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter began as a series of dreams I had as a child after I suffered a concussion from school bullying. Every night I had these amazing dreams about this young woman fighting demons, and I would draw or write down the dreams as I grew up. Then when I was 29, I decided to start compiling them into books.

2. What were the earliest incidents in your life when you learnt you had a writer in you?
Growing up, I would write long stories to entertain my little brother. I suppose it started there.

3. Who are the most apt readers for this book? What kind of seeker would be delighted to read this piece?
I have noticed that those who grew up watching anime seem to love these books the most. Adult anime fans appreciate the artwork and the storytelling.

4. Who's your inspiration when it comes to becoming an author?
Douglas Adams's books gave me a love of reading. He had an imaginative and fun way of telling stories that kept me hooked.

5. What changed after you turned an author?
I think my attitude did. I wen from sort of experimenting with the idea of publishing to actually setting out plans.

Koriander Bullard Books 6. How many hours did you have to dedicate to bring this book alive? What schedules you had while doing this? What's your hack here for other writers?
Ki-Chan's books, with the exception of the third which is not yet ready for release, typically take me about a year to complete. I never really set a schedule. I have some days where I squeeze in writing where I can and other days where I have a marathon session. Once thing I would ask other writers to do is to make yourself a playlist of songs that inspire your characters or certain elements from the book you are working on, and then listen to that playlist when you write. It will help keep you in the moment.

7. Who are the people you would love to thank & mention about in this journey of having become an author?
Without question, my mom, my husband John, my brother and my close friends Bill Treadway, Jose Velez Rodriguez and William Fleete.

8. Lastly, What's your piece of advice for other aspiring authors?
Write for the love of your story and because you enjoy it. Everything else follows.Links: All books by Koriander Bullard: Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 Color: Black and White:
Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2: Color: Black and White: Koriander Bullard's website: Ki-Chan's website:

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