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Broken EDUCATION SYSTEM of Today Needs Attention

Broken Education System of today is something we all need to think about and work on. Here are Adnan Taque's thoughts on the same. Read ON!
This modern education system (core education system) system is purely based to produce working class people but not the leaders. Because this education system is precisely designed by the leaders, and they don't want to produce someone who later competes them. But the working class people who can work under them. This education system is producing large quantity, but not the quality.

Education Why kids go to school and college to get success in life. And what is success? The success is all about finding the talent that is hidden inside you and to nourish it.

But the school and college failed to recognize the hidden talent of students. Teachers don't know their own student. In classroom Avg number of children is 30-40. And each have different talents, different thinking capability, different understanding power, but they all are going through the same syllabus at the same time. Nobody wants to know the creativeness of the child. The talents that are hidden inside them wants to bloom out, but the school environment is so obsessed with the grade system that these talents dies inside them in the race of grade.

The main reason for depression and stress in youths are that they do not recognize their talents and passion and ends up doing jobs which they are not made for it.In corporate only 20% employees are happy and the rest of the 80 % are unhappy with their jobs.

More than millions of students are passing out of colleges in India. But fewer of them are getting hired. Because fewer of them have got the skills and meets the company requirement. Unemployments are increasing day by day around the world as numbers of degree holder are increasing day by day. Because the quality of education has gone now and the quantity is increasing. Unemployment in youths leads to alternate ways to earn money to survive. That's why day by day number of juvenile crime, theft, snatching etc. are increasing.

This education system lacks of moral values, respects. When these kids will become parents, what can you expect from them. Respects of teachers have gone by the time among the students, and discipline remains only in the morning assembly line. In the name of trends making fun of teachers has become new talent.

Now days nannies are providing baby care instead of mothers. Kids are spending more time in their day care, and their parents spend most of time at their jobs.And these kids are learning A for apple,B for ball instead of moral values and respects.Thatswhy relationship b/w child and parents are becoming worse and day by day number of old age homes are increasing.It is just like tit for tat.

The students who once thought of a golden future, now struggling b/w schools and coaching institute.Schools are conducting several exams like unit test,SA1,SA2,SA3 and practical exams, etc.. Now school teachers have to teach the syllabus a/q to these exams and their teaching speed become faster. they just go through the chapters.Now not a single student in classroom can solve 35% problems of those chapters the way school teacher teach in coaching institute teachers teach each and every concept and make the students to solve lots of problem.Thatswhy school syllabus are always far ahead of coaching institute syllabus.Now at a time students are struggling through two different phase of they have to keep good grade in school exams and on the other hand their golden future is depend upon coaching institute syllabus to crack entrance exams and board exams. this is the main reason in decreasing of students quality.

The one who has slow learning capability and having different passion got failed. They considered worthless and dumb. They suffer mentally and got demotivated with their life.

But later these failures have done something that top scorer never dreamt of why?

Because these failures got enough time to know themselves and their talents. They have nothing to lose and they take risks and achieve their goal.

But the top scorer has something to lose that is their grade, they were too busy in maintaining their grade and they don't realize themselves while the middle scorer were busy in complaining about their life and their bad lucks.

There are still companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, etc... Are hiring people who got no degree of education, but got talents.

This modern education system has failed to restore humanity in humans. This education system was also supposed to teach life management skills, differences b/w right and wrong, but it failed to do so.

Abcourse education is the most empowering force in the world, but the right education.

Education is the process of facilitating of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits

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Adnan taque
Adnan taque is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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