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Engineering - My Quadrennial Trek

It's just last year that I bid my final adieu to the world's toughest course. During this tenure I met many temporary people in my life. Some good, some bad, some graceful, some inspirational, some motivational, some lazy, some crazy, some fearless.

I was a average student in 12th and I was not that bright minded who could prioritize or manage my daily activities and keep a track of the records. No clear idea about what to do next. Then I got admit into the Information Technology department for pursuing my 4 years course for 7 hours.

Ranji Raj Nair At my First year of this course I never knew what these is actually going around people coming for lectures, faculties coaching , expecting something from us & many more.

I just took lightly just that way I used to do it in my lower academics. I never knew the essence of this degree. Just like after every month some list on the bulletin board was put up which shows some list , name of students with their percentage, I was in a comma that what this list is meant for ? then I came to know that it's called as the Defaulter's list, the list which shows the attendance record for that student for every month. I was not bothered about it nor I was interested to know what it was actually.

Then after a couple of weeks time the faculty called for the parents whose names were in their defaulters list. I didn't knew for what it was. Faculty started calling out names of 20 peoples from which I was not there. I was concerned, Oh why my name is not in this list. What did I do wrong, that i'm not in this list. Then I knew that it is meant for those whose attendance is not meeting up the requirements.

By the time of 6 months in December our semester 1 came which had 6 subjects to be dealt with. Somehow I could manage 5 but not 6 I just ignored about it. After a couple months when the first result came I was eager to know my result. I logged in to my Laptop and browsed the university website to check my fate. Unfortunately I failed in that & I was left in tears after seeing that I refreshed the page and put back my seat number again & again to check if it is sure or not. At last I had to accept my failure because, that was the very first time I failed in my education. I kept this as a secret to my parents and relatives I'm a kind of a person who feels shy to share my failures or mistakes which I did. This is secret till today's date as i'm a Scorpio. But after reading this might be a disclose to all. But I knew I cannot hide it with my friends. I carried this emotions for nearly about 5 months till my second semester exams appeared. Then I knew failing in engineering is not new that too in my first year and it is called as a KT in engineering terms for those who don't know what KT is , KT - Kept Term

Now it the picture is even more complicated. Semester 2 6 subjects + 1 KT where I could not manage 6 the numbers game just got increased by 1 more. The mindset & the struggle which I could manage to clear these 7 subjects cannot be expressed in writing. That is my experience. Thereafter, I took a pledge that I would continue to complete my 4 years , shedding my blood (as I have acne's) & tears, in-spite of whatever hardships.

I cleared all my KT's so far & I stepped onto my next level. Then once I thought there are 1000's of people coming and going to this college. Who identifies them what their remembrance after 4 years.

Then I stared working on it people should know my existence even my teachers this was the time I was learning how to be on Engineering and what all you should do to be i n this. I had enough knowledge about who all was my competitors. I made them move to the second place not once but one by one. My academic graph increased thereby & my journey continued...I always knew that one day all my hard work and efforts would be appreciated and would be known for sure.

I never left my interest in my studies thereafter and my motive was Never Give Up Ever !. with this I secured a 2 Nd rank in my Third year Academics...

I got my Campus Placement during my Final Year... For which I struggled a lot to have it..

Then finally... during our Farewell in 2016 I got this....


Even after getting my job I thought that so far these years I have learnt too many things...Of which a select few comes to use.

Why can't I just impart it in a better way... Then This happened...

I started a YouTube channel to put all the stuffs which I learnt & i'm successful in that too.

It's never too late to achieve anything in life... Utilize the time you have... Be patient...Be diligent... Focus on your goals till you achieve them... where there's a will there's a way.

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Ranji Raj Nair
Ranji Raj Nair is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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