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Yes, people come and go, they want to achieve something or the other in their lives They want to live their life the way they want but they usually forget the importance of themselves, of their own life. We all strive for money, we all want to be wealthy but the thing is patience. We always run for some thing or the other so that we can get it as soon as possible and we lack some things behind us and those are our loved ones, our own soul left behind. If you will not let your soul relaxed and be free from any trouble hindering your soul, you will not get calmness in your work. What you will get is restlessness for something we don't know we will get or not. You know, you are all here for yourself. If you will not try anything, you will not get anything. But the question is not only about yourself, it is also about your entire soul Your soul which is calling you for love. We always expect something or the other thing from different types of people we meet, but we forget that we can fulfill our own needs rather than depending on others.

In life, you will meet many people, you will get to know about them, about their culture, about their perception but still you can't judge them. Even we can't judge anyone also our own self. As time changes, people also change but what you need to maintain is your relationships, your understanding towards them. If you will maintain your understanding, you can clear each and every doubt with them and can live freely without taking any worries alongside. Love is all which will help you to maintain your relationships.

Remember always, you are the present of yourself and you are the only one who can make yourself. If you can make yourself in a better way, in a way which makes you improved rather than nit powerful, you will certainly lose your power. Power is not only external, it is more internal. If you feel something inside you then only you show it externally. If you will be always ready for yourself, always ready to learn something or the other, you will surely win. Remember, nobody loses. You always win when you learn and when you learn, you never lose. :)

Life is all about learning and getting focused. If you are not focused, don't worry! You will be soon! You are only here for your own betterment. If you can think for yourself, you can surely fulfill for yourself, for your near and dear ones. :)

A darling is not a person by a face but a person by his nature. If you really want to be with yourself, you need to consider your nature the most because only then you will love yourself! You all reading this or who are not reading have a super power and that power if used in a positive, better and helpful way will surely give you the life the way you want. A life full of lessons, full of love, full of learning, full of understanding and full of detemination. :)

Nobody is born perfect in this world. Each and every person is learning and if you learn and implement what you learnt, you surely won and rocked dear!
May be sometimes you feel like lonely or bored but don't worry, you are all getting what is best for you in future. Your power is always increasing because you are loving yourself and when you are loving yourself, you are always growing and never losing.

Positivity is one thing which will help you in moving forward as when you will think positive, you will be free more from your worries. It is not that that you should not think negative, you can think negative but you should never lose your hope as hope is something which can make you feel alive and strong :)

Remember, never compare yourself or the other person because by comparing, you are just letting down the understanding of the other person. As said earlier, you can't judge anyone so easily, it is only a matter of understanding. If you really want to make someone grow, you will never compare him as when you will compare him, you will kill his soul! Your words are the only thing which matters the most. When you will use them correctly, for motivating not for demotivating, you will surely get better results. So, never use your words incorrectly, spread smiles in your journey of life as this journey is not only for you but for the people too who are around you, near you. They all need blessings by you, so get ready for yourself because only you can make your journey better and relaxed. You have a super power, remember that! ;)

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Tanya Sharma
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