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iU-EYE: A friend whom you want to badly stay friends with but can't for some reason.

Peer Pressure On Friendships
A friend whom you want to badly stay friends with but can't for some reason.


Not always are we received the way we think we must be. Not always do we receive people the way they should be. On short journeys we don't realize how deeply connected we get & as journey gets longer we just know the other person doesn't find us apt for long term friendship, or situations don't align, or frequencies no more seem to match, goals are different, paths change, the friend you once knew has transformed completely or you are just not in a position to equally invest in sustaining the aura & the beauty of the relationship.

Here's where IU-EYE comes in with it's views to deal & cope with this heat breaking situation.


Friendships are formed due to some similarities/commonalities in the beginning, and just like anything else, they need to be reformed with passing time.

iU-EYE's views on a friendship that is becoming harder to keep by the day:

* Everybody evolves, so do relationships.
* A journey to cross the river is a bank to bank journey & unfortunately boats aren't meant for lands & motorcars aren't meant for crossing rivers.
* You were born alone & you met wonderful people only to lose them all at some point either by death of body or of connect.
* Trying to keep the relations in the same dye means you are stifling their growth towards greater beautiful realms
* Lessons & make left behind are assets for remaining life
* Sometimes people once lost are re-connected by a whole new propose.

* Ask yourself, what is it that brought you close to this person in the first place?
*What could you do to take it back to how it was?
* What changed, over time?
* Are the changes in that friend conflicting with your growth/goals in life?
* What can you do together to bring back life into your friendship?
* Are you trying too hard to remain a friend to your friend? Is that friend draining you out?
* Is your friendship healthy? Is there unreasonable jealousy/possessiveness in it?

Peer Pressure On Friendships Many a time, friends who drain you of your mental energy, whose goals no longer align with yours, whose company leaves you less happier or with lesser energy as a person brings with them a huge question mark of whether to stay friends with somebody who at some point of time mattered a lot and were absolutely great to be with, or let go of a friendship that no longer has the same flair to it.

The one statement that iU-EYE wishes to make here is - "Let go. If it's meant to be yours, it shall come back to you".Not all the friends we make in life are "friends forever". And thankfully, with friendship, there's no break-up! I mean, it's not like you move on with another friend and you can never come back to being friends with your long lost ones. It does hurt for a while to know that the charm that was once, isn't anymore. But there is hope. Journey of life is long. Let go for now. If it's meant for you to relish the same kind of friendship again later in your life, nothing can be against you. If it's not, you can always relish the memories, no one can take them away from you!

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