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IU-EYE: Trusting people really fast & ending up breached & betrayed

Trusting people really fast & ending up breached & betrayed or with totally broken expectations.


Most often we do not know where we could draw lines to start or stop trusting. This leads to high expectations, trusting late, trusting fast, broken expectations, breach of trust, betrayals, heart aches of disconnecting without informing, blocking each other, enmity, hollow relationships & above all fear of trusting ever again & excessively doubting everything. Bringing in IU-EYE to learn what's best to learn from such situations, how to deal better & do the most successful know where to draw that line or they draw too many..


Everybody functions on trust. Whether you like it or not, you're trusting the anonymous cab driver who picks you up at 9pm after your business meeting/dinner party with your life and your safety! You're trusting the anonymous bus driver who drops your kids home after school with their very lives. Without trust, we have nothing- and not just with close circles. The society at large needs a level of trust to function!

Coming down to the nitty grittys of daily life, there are various factors and environs that need to be considered:

Trusting your boss:

- Your true potential can never be achieved without the necessary trust that your higher up has your back covered (unless you're the CEO, where you need this surety with your board!). Ask yourself, do you trust your boss?
- The only way to figure out if anyone can be trusted is to trust them. So if you're not sure, go ahead and trust them, and you can make alterations along the way, if need be.
- Listen to your instincts. Observe. Does your boss stand up for your other colleagues? Does he/she indulge in gossip? Do they speak well of others behind their back? These are all telltale signs of a person being trustworthy.

Trusting your team (when you're the boss!)

- How trustworthy is your team? Have you given them enough chances to prove their trustworthiness to you?
- How much of integrity do your team members hold?
- Are they trustable when under pressure? Or are they brittle? If you don't know the answer to this, it's time to test them for it!
- Everyone in the team can be trusted to various degrees (whether you like to accept this or not). How many do you have on your team whom you can rely upon without batting an eyelid?

Trusting your friends:

- What made you trust that friend of yours so quickly?
- When all we have is just this life to live, is it worth to take forever to trust? Or is it better to trust all, and see who deserved it at the end?
-When you've trusted a 100%, if it works, you have a great relation. If it doesn't work, you have a great lesson.

Trust Betrayal When your trust is broken, ask these questions:
- How deep was the betrayal? Was it intended?
- What's the reaction of the person who betrayed you?
- Is the damage done too deep, or do you have it in you to give them another chance?
- What drove you to decide that no one can be trusted after this one betrayal? If you're still reading this, the betrayal hasn't cost you your life. Can it be that the trust was placed in the hands of a wrong person, rather than think that trusting itself is wrong?

We don't stop driving for the fear of accidents. We don't stop earning for the fear of being robbed. We don't stop living for the fear of death.

Trusting is the same. It's beautiful to trust. We shouldn't stop trusting for the fear of someone breaking it. It hurts, but the pain heals too. Not everyone's blessed with the worth of being trusted! Some break it, without knowing how valued they were. If only they knew how meaningful life becomes when someone trusts you, they wouldn't dare break anyone's trust. To be trusted is greater than to be loved, after all.

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