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More Talent, Less Ego

The way to every milestone that you wish to achieve and reach lie in lesser ego levels with every bit of growth in the talent you have. Here's Ana Sorina from Romania sharing her views on why growing your talent and not your pride with it is so important for greater levels of success. Read ON!
More talent, less ego

I want to be the best!

You have to be the best!

He will become the best!

“The Best” of whatever you want ...

I have some bad news for you! “The best” already exists. In any field, in any corner of the world, in any circumstance, somewhere. And guess what: even above "the best" there is another “ the best”. You do not understand much, do you? I know. Just give one second.

I'll tell you right away.

Ego And Talent The best is (not) yet to come. You already are the best

We are better than some, and others are better than us. “The best” will always be another, and you will be the best for others.

The point is that comparisons should not exist. Here's why. If you were born with a talent, then you should cutivate it and harness it. Do everything you can in order to be grateful for it.

You should thank the Universe for your gift, because you have a talent, because there is something you love to do, but, most of al, because YOU ARE. And you are a special-unique part of this Universe, of the world, a fragrance of life. You must be aware of your beauty and energy. Energy is all there is.

Enjoy people, help people, help them analyze themselves, get to know each other better, open their eyes. Turn your art and talent into a powerful education tool. Do with your talent what you are meant to do - and do not think how the others do it, nor how to be better than they are. Your talent means an extra eye, metaphorically speaking. You were born with something extra.You were born special. Dear artist, why do you want to turn this gift into a problem, a chore and a competition, when you can use your time and talent to make your gift bloom and share it with the Universe and the others?

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way. Wayne Dyer

You can not paint with joy - thinking that someone else – somewhere - is painting better. There is no comparison in art. Everyone has their own style, their own ideas, their own energy and emotions to share. Art is love. In art, you do not come to compare yourself to what other artists do. You know why? Because there would not be art anymore - if we would like to do things... all the same. It's art ... precisely because we are different and do it differently, as we feel.

Ego And Talent And that makes your art beautiful, unique, spreads it and makes other people appreciate it.

If I ask you, I bet you have no idea what the best is, not even what you understand by the best. Looking for this”best” makes us want something that ... is in the air. Or, who knows, I'm really curious to find out what is this “ the best”. I believe it's enough to be good and honest. And if you are aware of your talent, you are working and doing with love what you are meant to do, you will do more and more beautiful things, you will continue to offer the effects of your talent. And The Univers will only give you more and more inspiration to be yourself, do what you love and bring more happiness into you life.

Only by being yourself – you will the the best. Because “the best” means “authentic”.

And this will make you extraordinary. You don't need to be better than anyone else; you only have to be better than you used to be. Never give up. Never stop believing in yourself.

Think more about what you can do with your talent - and less what you will demonstrate or what effect your talent will have.

Talent, when used with sincerity, can only have positive effects.

So, more talent, less ego

Let your pride go, stop comparing yourself to others - or become what others already are. Be as you are,who you really are, do not forget to thank the Universe - because you are among the people who were born with a talent and can make life and the world more beautiful - through it. You can make a difference. It's all you need to know. And the rest comes by itself. Trust me, you awesome! Because you are already wonderful and unique, a wonder ingredient of this rich Universe. You are life.

Enjoy your talent and make it bloom. You do not NEED more. You ARE already enough. Have you ever thought of that? Just be.

When you are no longer looking to prove that you are the best, always better than everyone, you become what you are meant to be. That's the circle. But it's a waste of time and energy - and it's a waste of talent… to make comparisons and look over the fence ... instead of looking into your yard - and doing what you can... with what you already have. Knowing who you are is important, is the key to fulfillment. Be you – and you’ll be the best. The best version of yourself. That's What It's All About.

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Ana Sorina Corneanu
My name is Ana, I love writing, I believe in our best self and love.

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