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Objectway is one of the 100 World's Most Innovative WealthTech Companies

The WealthTech top 100 lists the firms that wealth and asset management leaders need to consider for their digital transformation strategies and new customer propositions

Objectway Wealthtech Companies

Milan, 15th April 2019

Objectway, a leader in the Digital Wealth, Investment & Asset Management sector, is one of the companies included in the inaugural top 100 WealthTech. The top 100 has been complied by FinTech Global, a research firm in the financial services industry offering data, insight and analysis to make the right business decisions.

The WealthTech sector is one of the fastest growing verticals of FinTech, having increased five-fold since 2014 to reach $4.6bn in funding last year, according to data from FinTech Global.

For this reason, a panel of industry experts and analysts identified the companies to include in the list, reviewing a study of over 1,000 WealthTech companies undertaken by FinTech Global.

The list gives asset and wealth management leaders a view of the most influential and promising companies, recognised for their market potential and efforts in transforming the wealth and asset management industry and having a lasting impact on it.

The criteria assessed by the Advisory Board and FinTech Global team included industry significance of the problem being solved, company growth, and innovation of the technology solutions in terms of potential cost savings, efficiency improvement, impact on the value chain and/or revenue enhancements generated for clients.

“We are particularly proud to be a top 100 WealthTech company,” commented Luigi Marciano, Objectway’s CEO and founder, “since this placement derives from independent analysis of our facts and figures, and from competent evaluation of our Extend Wealthtech Suite. Our combination of financial expertise and cutting-edge technology, the end-to-end investments process coverage and the modular front-to-back platform, to start wherever you want and scale along the way, were the key differentiating factors for our presence in the top 100.”

The full WealthTech 100 list can be found at

Founded in 1990, the Objectway Group is a leader in the Digital Wealth, Investment & Asset Management sector with a turnover of approximately €75 million. Its award-winning software platforms serve over 150 customers, in 15 countries and across 3 continents. With offices in Italy, the UK, Belgium, Ireland and South Africa its 700 employees support approximately 100,000 investment professionals to manage more than one trillion euros in wealth.

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