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Our ONLY Life Goal should be Happiness - Whatever That Means!

Our only life goal should be happiness - whatever that means

I know more and more unfortunate people who are busy making a lot of meaningless things in their lives, but they do not get rid of it because "that's it, that’s life." A lot of people who embrace inertia and let it builds them a life ... that more satisfies others, leaving themselves deeply dissatisfied.

A day when you don’t do something you love is a scattered day.

We are accustomed to these texts, I know,that for most people just sound beautiful. But they contain a strong essence: they teaches us to live and remember that, in the end, everything that counts is how we felt - and not what we did.

Happiness Fear - the most destructive feeling, the lowest vibration that stops us from being authentic, doing what we want, being what we really are and we are enjoying, pushing us to close in comfort, convenience and keeping us away from the reality of the soul. This is how I would define fear. I find that this is the definition that embraces all we need to know - to understand what holds us in our actions and what is to be done to begin the change that will lead us to our authentic self.

First of all, ask yourself "why do I want to do this?" Answer honestly - and if the answer is not "because it makes me happy," then no matter how much you fight for that thing… you will not resist too much. You will reach a point where, if you are not honest woth yourself, everything you do it will become a chore, you will get tired, you will collapse physically and soon emotionally - and in the end you will give up everything.

The habit of making ourselves feel fulfilled only when we reach certain goals makes us feel that "we are not enough" - for us and others - as long as we do not achieve these goals- and push us to give up what we are - for what is expected.

Being authentic ... you will be happy!

“Why” is the basic question , whatever we do. When the answer to "why" targets your feelings - you are on the right track. When not... you may be wrong.

School taught us that the successful man is the one who has big dreams. Not to disappoint the others… you are probably one of those who have set great goals to prove that you can, to show who you are, to be higher than the others.

Don't equate your self-worth with how well you do things in your life.

In fact, it has been shown that successful people are those who have fewer goals, which they fulfill with pleasure and passion. Success means doing what you like in the long run and earning not only money, but also appreciation for the passion you put in your actions, not for the work you put forward to be advanced and to raise yourself in the eyes of others .

Why are you doing what you do?

I am not here to be a guru. I only speak from experience, I do it when I feel I’ve done something I never thought I could, but I did, so I am sure other can do it too. You can do it!

I think there are a lot of things we know...that we don't believe in - until someone else tell us same things... in other words. I think we are great, but we don't really know ourselves - in order to achieve what we need and want.

I think we need to love and appreciate ourselves first - because nobody's validation means more than our self-trust.

I think we lose, we win, we try, we learn, but we are better each day. In some way or another.

I think some people will tell us we cannot do it, some will believe in us, but most important, in order to reach what makes us's us who must believe in ourselves, go on, live the life we want.Without boundaries.

We can't be the best, someone else is already the best, we can't be perfect, it would be boring. But we can really use our gifts, our talents - to do the best we can and be happy. We can paint, act, dance, read, write, work with people, anything that makes us whole again.

Our only life goal should be happiness - whatever that means. Our lives should represent us. We should not live another one's life, we should not live as society teaches us, not even as we need, but as we love to...

Don't live a life that's not yours, be happy, find yourself, know yourself, live at your best.

I hope someday I will be in front of a hundred kids and talk about motivation, dreams, goals, help them find their talents and become their best version. Hope someday we'll make the world being honest with ourselves and by being happy.

We are peace, we are love, we are inner purity. We are awesome.

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