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Validation or Self-Creation?

Spirituality is part of us. We are sensitive, “intuitive” beings and we can build our lives according to our own beliefs and actions. We are the Universe, the whole Universe lives inside us. Read Ana Sorina's piece on loving yourself

Childhood is the ideal time to begin the emotional intelligence and learn simple lessons of spirituality. But it's never too late, it's all about wanting to evolve.

Hello, wonderful human being, I invite you to discover simple steps through which you can connect to yourself and become the architect of the life you’ve always dreamed of. We only have one life. It would be a shame not to live it exactly as we want, isn’t it?

Lessons of spirituality every person should learn


We need to learn the trust. We need to educate ourselves enough ... to know that the Universe smiles, it is on our side and can help us fulfill our desires. At the same time, we should self-educate with the belief that people are good - and that it is not healthy to look at others with suspicion. Yes, we all know that things are not always friendly, but trust can still change the habbits and the people we attract. It is healthy to believe that the Universe is part of us - and that we have at our disposal all the tools necessary in order to achieve our greatest plans. Let's not forget: Lack of confidence only attracts procrastination.

Spiritual Beings

We are “Nature”

Here's a simple lesson: nature is part of us. It's enough to understand the power and beauty of nature - then connect with it, protect it, and understand how many problems cand find solutions in a simple connection with nature. From nature we take our energy, in the middle of it we manage to load and understand that simplicity is an essential component of our souls.

If you love nature, you love yourself!


Gratitude is the most powerful lesson of spirituality. The experience of gratitude makes us happier, teaches us to appreciate what we have, to enjoy what we offer and to understand how we can attract what we want. Thanksgiving means gratitude for what we get - and opening for more. Gratitude can heal us emotionally. Gratitude opens the door to the life we want, and the deeper our gratitude goes, the greater our ability to receive what we dream is.

The simplest way you can do it is to remember everyday how lucky you are for everything you have, not to focus on what you do not have.


There is no ideal age to begin meditating. We can do that anytime we feel. Why is meditation an excellent lesson of spirituality? Very simple. We allow our minds to remain open, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and accept challenges and changes ... with much more ease. So, the sooner we start, the better. I learned that when I had some health issues. Now, meditation is part of my daily schedule. Just like water!

Spiritual Beings


Comparison, the constant attempt to be someone else than you really are ... takes you further away from yourself, disconnects you from yourself - and makes you start wearing masks.

Why? To be like the others. Why? Well… why?

Authenticity is an essential lesson for us: we learn that we are enough, we deserve to be loved for what we are, we don’t have to do anything special to be accepted. We are perfect the way we are. Authenticity teaches us, above all, respect and self-love.

Our beliefs build our reality

It will take a long time for us to fully understand or accept this. But this fact still remains present, and if we are not aware, it controls our actions and lives. As Einstein said, we must know that the Universe is our friend. And then we can do whatever we want.

We still do not have the education and cult of spirituality, but spirituality is part of us, and that pushes us to respect it, to pay attention to it and to know ourselves better.
Let's live the life we want - because, as we have said, we only live once.

You are everything you need!

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