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You Weren't Born to IMPRESS the World. You Were Born to be HAPPY!

Most part of the world is busy stressing themselves to be able to just impress the world, while the truth is the life that we were given was gifted to us to stay happy and experience as much bliss as we can in being happy and peaceful says Ana Sorina from Romania in her words through this piece. Read ON!
From the early years of life ... we are taught that we must do something to be accepted, something to be appreciated, to be loved by others, to demonstrate, to be “someone”.

Do not tell me it's not like that, the first contact with school teaches us that. We are taught that our grades matter,they are the most important, that they define who we are, that they bring us together and separate us - this is a terrible thing of inhumanity.

We are also taught that it is a shame to win less than our friend, neighbor, colleague, that we can not not do what they do, we will be the "laugh" of all.

School does not have to offer too many healthy lessons of emotional intelligence, it does not bother to really discover us, to see how capable we really are, to discover our talents and flashes that will help us get big once. Instead ... we are always told what is good, what is not good, we do not have to think for ourselves.

You are awesome, you are worthy, you can do it!

born to be happy It will take a long time for us to unravel these prejudices - that the grades will define our future, the job and the salary make a man more or less accomplished. It will take long until we understand that we do not have to do anything special… to be special. We are already special, because we are part of this magnificent Universe, because we are.

We are taught that we must do something to be accepted, something to be loved, something to be appreciated, to be liked by the others. And that makes us live in a permanent competition - trying to always be the first. As a result ... we will be looking for validation all the time: we will try to be better than our neighbor, envy the others, we will run for the best jobs - even if we do not care about and they do not represent us, we will give up our dreams – please, don’t do that - to be what we have been taught to be "good", we will work for more money, even if we never have time to really enjoy them, we will feel awful and guilty at every failure, we will not feel good enough in the absence of a special project or achievements.

And when it does not happen, we immediately think we are no longer worthy of being appreciated or good enough to be loved. But they do not define us. We are not the jobs we have, nor our projects, nor what we have or what we do. All this is just an effect of what we are.

And we are wothy, beautiful, capable, gifted – but so doubtful, so unsure…

You do not have to do anything special in order to be accepted and loved. Because we should not be loved for what we do or for what we have, and judged by others when we don’t meet their expectations, but we should be loved for who we are. For our true colours, for our passions, for who we are, for our music, soul, for the way we think about ourselves and life, for being part of divinity.

born to be happy

Simple. Do not cherish so much the projections of what people are or should be, give up what is inferior and superior, better, less good - and love ourselves for who we are. We are not what we do, nor what we have, not even what we choose. We are. And we are meant to be happy: whatever that means. That is why it should not be a comparison or concepts of good and bad, right or wrong. I am a human, not an object.

Define yourself - or better, no longer looking for definitions, jus be; be happy. Both. That's why you were born, did you know that?

It is said that there are two important moments in every man's life: when you are born and the day when you know the reason you were born. Keep your passion, stay keen on life, forget about the rules, not all are done to be respected. You have no idea how great is to feel what you feel and like live as you like.

You weren’t born to impress the world. You were born to be happy!

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Ana Sorina Corneanu
My name is Ana, I love writing, I believe in our best self and love.

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