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How FieldEngineer.com is spearheading 5G deployments worldwide

Already prevalent in some areas of the world, such as South Korea, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, 5G is set to take the world by storm. With most countries already trialing the technology, it’s estimated that most 5G services will be up and running by 2020 and that there will be almost 2 billion subscribers by 2024. Read ON!

Delivering the fastest ever wireless networking, 5G will increase the speed and functionality of compatible smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even cars; but how are companies coping with the increasing demands on their infrastructure?

As the industry adapts to yet another technology, firms have been vying to deliver the first – and the best – 5G service. With major tech companies almost ready to launch their 5G services, and some already on the market, businesses have embraced the new technology and the benefits it will bring.

Accessing a global workforce

The introduction of any new technology can mean eons of research and development, followed by testing, trials and, finally, installations. In order to facilitate this, tech companies rely on a network of global technicians, engineers and researchers. Not only do they require creative forward-thinkers to lead the way in designing and creating new technologies, but they also need a whole workforce to actually get the technology to end-users.

Field Engineer has been integral to the development of 5G around the world; connecting tech companies to the expert technicians they need. With a global network of experienced engineers, we’ve ensured that organizations can access the skills, knowledge, and expertise they require as they begin to roll out their 5G services.

5G Services

Serving telecoms companies

While almost all tech companies have needed additional manpower to make the necessary changes to their infrastructure, telecoms companies have required significant support for their in-house staff. With some already operating on 100G technology, the move towards 400G switching has led to increased demand for Telecom Technicians, Telecom Tower Crews, Telecom Administrators, and Telecoms Specialists.

With many telecoms firms keen to integrate 100/400G technology now, in order to be ready for the influx of 5G services and customers, the demand for workers continues to grow. However, for many telecoms companies, finding the right people to carry out this highly technical and complex work can be challenging.

Hiring full-time employees can be unnecessarily costly, and the recruitment process is extremely time-consuming. In an industry which needs to adapt to fast-paced changes and new technologies in an instant, launching a rigorous recruitment process simply isn’t an efficient way to source the manpower you need.

For telecoms companies who are making the switch to 100G/400G technology, however, Field Engineer has already connected them to thousands of skilled technicians, with the expertise and certifications they require. As the only platform dedicated to serving the telecoms industry, we offer a unique environment in which telecoms and tech companies can access the high-skilled workers they need.

Bringing together a global network

The advent of 5G services isn’t localized to one area or even one country; the whole world is adapting to the new technology. As a result, telecoms companies from every corner of the globe are scouting for new talent, and specialist technicians are constantly in demand. With companies practically competing for the services of Telecom Equipment Installation experts, Telecom Systems Analysts, and Implementation Coordinators, the freelance workforce is meeting the needs of these major industry players.

With companies requiring support from different countries and regions, using in-house staff to undertake these roles simply isn’t cost-efficient. Instead, companies can rely on Field Engineer to connect them with over 40,000 specialists in more than 190 countries. Available for short-term and long-term projects, these subcontractors have years of industry experience and many have been at the forefront of 5G development; meaning they’re well-placed to deliver the technology and infrastructure.

Bridging the skills gap

Although 5G has been in the pipeline for some time, many countries are still trialing the technology. Following extensive research and development, testing has been carried out to ensure that 5G technology will offer the expected functionality once its available to mainstream users. Of course, the development of 5G technology and services has required workers to specialize in this particular area. With many technicians working in niche roles, their understanding of the technology and its associated systems far surpasses the knowledge of other personnel.

For telecoms and tech companies, this skills gap has presented a practical and logical problem. With minimal need to have in-house staff who are so well-versed in 5G technology to date, how can they access the specialist skills they now require?

Hiring a full-time 5G specialist could prove costly, and there may not be an on-going role within the company once 5G is fully up and running, so taking on new staff isn’t the answer. Instead, using specialist subcontractors enables companies to bridge the skills gap between their requirements and the talents of their in-house staff.

By using subcontractors to carry out this complex and specialist work, telecoms firms can benefit from having access to the skills of expert technicians and engineers, without the costs associated with hiring new in-house staff. What’s more – telecoms companies and tech firms can hire freelance 5G specialists on a project-by-project basis, so investment need only be minimal.

Larger telecoms companies who want to incorporate 400G technology may hire a number of specialist subcontractors on a medium or long-term contract, for example, whilst a small tech firm who wants to find out how 5G can enhance their services may hire a 5G expert for a day or two to provide advice to their company.

With the ability to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, the freelance workforce is spearheading the introduction of 5G technology and services around the world, and Field Engineer is providing the platform for them to do so. By bringing telecoms and tech companies together with qualified, specialist subcontractors, we’re facilitating the redesign of crucial infrastructures around the world and playing an integral role in the introduction of global 5G services.

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