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Benefits of Invisible Aligners Over Traditional Braces

Gone are the days when traditional wire braces were on the only option for aligning teeth and fixing orthodontic issues. The dental technology has advanced greatly bringing us the choice of Invisalign, which is a totally new dimension to treating dental alignment problems. Read ON!
Invisible Aligners
Unlike conventional braces with wires and posts, these are a lot better in terms of aesthetic, comfort and flexibility. Invisible aligners may not suit all situations or every type of patient, they nonetheless continue to the most favored option when it comes to fixing alignment issues. They are surely a better option than traditional braces, so you can trust them easily.

Here are some of the benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces -

1. An Invisible Solution – As the name suggests, these braces are totally invisible in nature and not visible at all to any. When they are placed inside the mouth, anybody can hardly notice them. They thus give you the much-needed confidence as you feel like having worn something original resembling the teeth. With Invisalign, it is possible to correct the smile and fix the alignment issues without ever letting one know.

2. A New-Age Option - The Invisalign is just perfect for people of new age who don’t want to go the conventional route of wires, frames, and metals all over their teeth. These aligners are virtually not visible inside the mouth and the wearer can feel confident in their look. You can adjust your teeth back to their natural position even without making people know that. All this is not possible when you choose metal braces which are prominently visible.

3. A Great Sense of Flexibility – Did you know that the Invisalign can be removed as and when you need them? Users can take them off for up to two hours daily, anytime, preferably while eating or maintaining oral hygiene and add value to your life. This is never possible with metal braces which are fixed, and firm and they are non-removable in nature as well. So, enjoy the great sense of flexibility with these aligners and go about your life smoothly.

4 – Ease with Cleaning to Ensure Better Hygiene – Brushing your teeth is a breeze with plastic aligners and you won’t face any difficulty with them at all. What’s more, there will be no trapping of foods which also makes the brushing a smooth exercise. You can remove the trays and access your teeth to clean in a proper and thorough manner, something which is not possible with metal braces. Once the cleaning is done, you can wear them back and continue with the treatment.

5. Safe and Secure – Invisalign users can find the treatment absolutely safe and secure with no risk to their teeth whatsoever. The trays are comfortable and removable, don’t pose any problem in staying active or engaging in sports and add value to life. With these braces on, you can do any activity you want without facing any problem, which is never a possibility with metal wires. So, choose the right braces and conduct your daily life with as much ease you always want.

6. Zero Food Restrictions – With metal braces, you will have to live with a lot of food restrictions as you can’t eat chewy or sticky substances. On the other hand, no such limitations will be there with clear aligners as you can eat anything you want. Plus, you can take these aligners off and eat anything that pleases you, no matter how sticky or firm it is. Clearly, you can see the marked difference between Invisalign and metal braces, and based on that, you can definitely take a better call.
7. You Can Save Money and Avoid Office Visits – Technically speaking this one is not entirely accurate. Invisalign is similar in price to braces and will probably require approximately the same number of office visits. However, in recent years, several startup companies, such as Candid and SmileDirectClub, have begun offering invisible aligner treatment similar to Invisalign but in a cheaper and arguably more convenient format. Instead of going to your dentist, these companies have you mail in impressions of your teeth, and set you up with a remote dentist or orthodontist who prepares and oversees your treatment plan. Since care is streamlined, costs are also about 50% to 60% less than Invisalign. If that all sounds too good to be true, there is an important catch: this form of treatment is really best suited to simple, cosmetic treatments involving the front teeth. Still, if that’s what you are after, you should definitely consider this option.

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