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Pet Caring Made Easier for Pet Parents. Here's How TailsLife Makes This Happen

Human-grade pet food with 100 per cent natural ingredients is what tailslife offers. Startup innovation and creation in the pet care segment is growing by the day. Read ON!
Pet Caring Tailslife

Who are the Founders of TailsLife? Can we get introduced to them? (with their education and work backgrounds)

Balaji Ramesh is the founder and CEO of TailsLife. He is a certified pet food nutrition specialist with vast experience in digital marketing, and product management. He has a MS degree in communication. TailsLife is his second start-up, with the earlier one being an offline platform connecting corporates with media students. Balaji’s core focus lies in UI/UX, product development, new businesses and investments.

Kanishk Lihala is the co-founder of TailsLife. An engineering graduate, he has had a brief stint as a machine learning developer, post which he managed an acrylics manufacturing unit in Kolkata for over two years. He has been associated with corporates on several projects, especially in offline marketing and strategy. Kanishk takes care of TailsLife’s food vertical along with business strategy.

What inspired you towards the vision of pet care? Which incident/s led to its origination?

I have always been a pet lover largely because of my dad, who had dogs as pets even before I was born. Thus, the passion for taking care of them through better ways grew in me since childhood.

Pet Caring Tailslife

What were the key challenges and bottlenecks faced in the Journey of TailsLife?

Around the time of our launch, the industry was quite unorganised and fragmented as compared to today. Initially, it took time to conceptualise our services that would cater to all types of pet parents, bearing in mind then prevailing market dynamics. A lot of education and awareness is required before a product reaches a point of sale, which is also a huge challenge.

Did you quit your job to bring the Vision of TailsLife to reality? What were the Challenges faced as the Founders?

Yes, we left our respective corporate jobs, since we were passionate about bringing about a positive change in the pet care industry. TailsLife was initially bootstrapped, so pooling in funds was a hectic task. Subsequently, we could take off thanks to a few angel investors and VCs.

What are the key Products and Services currently offered by TailsLife?

Pet Caring Tailslife We deal primarily with two verticals:

Subscription-based pet food - TailsLife has its own range of home-made dog food delivered at your doorstep. not only for dogs but even for cats that loves to eat ginger, and answer the question "can cats eat ginger?". Our food is 100 per cent natural and the only brand that is FSSAI-approved in Bangalore.

Pet services – We offer pet care services, including veterinarian home visits and home grooming appointments.

Why is it important for pet parents to adopt a pet care app like TailsLife?

The urban middle-class looks for a high degree of convenience when it comes to availing any services or purchasing any products. We assure ultimate convenience of ordering your pet’s food through our subscription platforms on our official app and website. Furthermore, they can also book pet care services from the comfort of their smartphones.

Have you managed to raise any funding? How are you funded?

Yes, we have raised funding from several angel investors and VCs.

Pet Caring Tailslife

What was the go-to market strategy at the time of inception in the already competitive pet care market?

We offer human-grade pet food with 100 per cent natural ingredients (including organic food for dogs eating edamame beans).

Would you like to share some statistical and other achievements of TailsLife?

We serve close to 3,000 kg of dog food every month.

What difference are these products making in the lives of Pet-Parents? Any heart-touching testimonials that you would like to share.

Our customers are a happy and highly satisfied lot. Our subscription pet food range has made their lives simple and easier than ever before, as we deliver it right at their doorsteps week after week.

“My pets love their food! Healthy, well preserved and beyond anything great customer support from the team. I'd strongly recommend if you guys are looking for alternate options beyond traditional packaged food.” Bharghav, a regular user.

Please refer to: for more reviews.

Pet Caring Tailslife Any plans of new introductions in the products and services portfolio?

We are contemplating adding more SKUs to our pet food line, besides AI integration to the app in the near future.

Which locations is TailsLife operational in? Are there any expansion plans on the cards?

We have our presence in Bangalore, Cochin and Mumbai currently. We will be expanding to a few more cities by this quarter.

What is your message for the other very early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurship enthusiasts?
When it comes to starting up a business, it’s important to have both short- and long-term plans. Also, never forget that perseverance and patience pay in this game.

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