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Why Mumbai is Best Indian City to Live

As many say, Mumbai is not just a city but an emotion. There are people of every culture residing here, but the unity is the best surprise. Once you have lived here, you will not want to be any place else. Read ON!

Today, as I sit by my window with ‘Aaj kal Zindagi, mujhse hai keh rahi, tu jo meri maane toh chal deewane sapno ki raho mein tu...’ from the movie Wake up Sid playing in the background, gazing at the city lights and just trying to soak in every bit of it, I realized how much am I in love with Mumbai. I have always been a strong believer of the universe and yet I try to make my own path. I still remember how crazily I convinced my mom to let me shift here, how hard I asked for this place from the universe, how I did not give up even for a second, but here I am again, standing on a fine line with confirmed plane tickets in one hand and no house keys in the other. All of this has just made me realize one thing, the only way you can live here is when you have the thirst for it.

As you enter this city, you will come across hundreds of people eating vada pav, bhajiya pav, medu vada and several other Mumbai special snacks at 6:00AM. You’ll see perfectly dressed students, employees and businessmen rushing inside the locals and pushing themselves out with crumpled dresses. The city might terrify you a little but it will only help you grow, stand on your feet and make you face reality in the most beautiful way possible. So today, we have decided to not just share the facts which made me hold on to this city, but also, everything it will give to you and me. Reasons why Mumbai is the best city to live in India

1. Career - The City of Dreams

This is truest statement of all I have ever come across. The city everyday welcomes hundreds of people with huge suitcases filled with clothes, food and memories of their homeland. Everybody walks in with big dreamy eyes to make their name here, buy a sea-facing house, get fame, prove themselves to their family, make a difference and just so many things that are beyond our understanding. Famous for every industry, it has a place for all. It might make you see several rejections at first but later it will make you rise like a king. We will not say surviving here is easy, but at least it gives you the courage to wake up every morning and chase your dreams. Who knows, the cab you are sitting in right now, its driver might be an aspiring actor; the ATM you are visiting, its guard might be a full time finance student. There are success stories, aspiring stories and so much more in just every corner.

2. Coastline - The Sukoon

The favorite getaway of this city’s residents is sitting by the coastline, watching the sun go down, the stars come out and the sun rise again. We let out our monsters to the sea and take a breath of calmness. The city has an unending number of beaches to unwind, play around in the sand, feel the breeze, listen to the waves and forget your troubles. You will find hundreds of families and friends sitting nearby, having a gala time, hogging at the food stalls and living in the moment. Most celebrities reside near the coastline to enjoy its essence.

3. Speed - A Ferrari in a Matchbox

You might get chills looking at the speed but the city has got no chill. Everybody is rushing at the speed of a Ferrari to either catch a train, get accepted by a rickshaw driver or just chase behind a bus. Here, the distance is not measured in kilometers but in time because at the end, time is money and money is the only way to survive here. Public transport is the heart and soul which carries lakhs of people from end to another at the cheapest prices. As you walk in the subway, you will see hundreds of people flowing at the speed of water. Maybe it’s hard, but trust me, you will not want to leave from here. The speed is the only thing which has kept it going and even a pause for a second might cause losses.


4. Food - Multi Cuisine Heart

From five-star hotels to tapri ki chai, from delicious South Indian dishes to hot and spicy Maharashtrian dishes, from roadside kulfis to unicorn waffles, the place has everything you can ask for. It has some of the most famous street food dishes served in Mohammed Ali Road, Elco Market, Crawford Market and many more. The place also serves some of the best seafood in its authentic flavors. There is not a single cuisine which is neglected, rather all are mixed and stirred to be their best versions, along with a Maharashtrian twist.


5. Travel - Meet and Greet With Nature

With such a strong history, the place has multiple famous museums, art galleries, hill stations and many places to visit. For every season and occasion, there is a place for you. A place to make you walk by the clouds, stand on top of the hills for the utmost serenity, gain new perceptions of paintings, explore new corners, learn about history and much more. If you are a traveler, you will love this city and its surroundings. As many say, Mumbai is not just a city but an emotion. There are people of every culture residing here, but the unity is the best surprise. Once you have lived here, you will not want to be any place else. Visit this city, live in this city and feel like a true Mumbaikar.

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